Event Post #1 | MFW 2014 | Charles & Ron S/S 2015 collection – ‘Humillissima Civitas’

Even though more than 12 hours have passed since the event I am still in fairy-tale land and very much humbled by the Charles and Ron fashion show of last night. After seeing last year’s show all over Facebook, I knew back then that I had to be present to witness the grandness of these two amazing designers. Without taking away the limelight from any of the other brilliant and talented designers that have so far showcased their work, I knew perfectly well that the Charles and Ron show would be the most anticipated and awaited event in Malta’s Fashion Week.

Set in the backdrop of the glorious and empowering Fort St. Elmo, the whole collection oozed just that the gloriousness and empowerment that embodies a women. If like me, you are in love with our Capital city – the European Cultural City for 2018, then look no further than this collection which is completely inspired by the majestic and magnificent building that is Valletta, from the Triton fountain welcoming you at the entrance of the city to the contemporary new parliament building. I am definitely going be honoured ‘to wear the city’ knowing perfectly well how proud the designers are of the Maltese culture and its heritage.

For those out there who do not know who Charles and Ron are let me give a brief bio: Charles and Ron met in Amsterdam in 1992 and Ron moved to Malta shortly afterwards. The mostly self -taught designers started experimenting and shortly after presented their first collection. Their first label was named after the Queen of Holland, Beatrix. This label later evolved into Beatrix by Charles & Ron and they are now known as simply: Charles & Ron.

The designers have established themselves as Malta’s leading fashion house, specializing in evening and bridal couture, and their bi-annual fashion show is Malta’s most anticipated fashion event. They have received three awards at the Malta National Fashion Awards, twice for best designer and they were also awarded for their outstanding contribution to Maltese fashion.

Now back to the show itself the incredible way of using pastel colours incorporating a 60’s vibe accentuated the styling thus making the whole collection ready-to-wear. I was very happy to see the laser-cut detail back after last year’s collection – something that is quickly becoming a signature of theirs. My personal favourite? Easy –ALL OF IT – so anybody out there having an excess amount of money please drop it my way. But really if I had to choose I cannot just choose one but these two will do.


Fave outfit

And this bag too!!!!

IMG_7172 copy

The whole look came together with the amazing makeup created by Justin Brincat which I absolutely adored: bold black cat liner and gorgeous matte pastel lips, complementing the lovely hues of the collection.

Ok Caroline back to reality now!

Until next time,

Excluding the top three photos – all photo credits go to the offical photographers of the Malta Fashion Week, for more photos of the whole collection press here.

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