Product Review #6 | Avon Setting Spray

Product review Avon

Hey my lovely dolls,

So as some might know I enjoy finding lovely little items to add to my makeup collection, so as per every month I was going through the Avon catalogue to have a sneak peek at new products that Avon came up with and guess what they came up with a setting spray. As far as I can tell, Avon haven’t ever brought out a setting spray beforehand so this is a brand new product for their ever expanding beauty line up and one which promises great results.

avon-makeup-setting-sprayI have combination skin and I am always on the look out to find new products that will help my make-up last longer especially round the t-zone area if you know what I mean! I know there are like a gazillion of setting sprays out there and most of them are pricey to say the least. So, if I can stick to a budget product it is even better! Thankfully, the warmer months seem to be leaving us but I found out about this product just time for the humid season that we are so lucky to have (NOT!!!) here in Malta.  So this setting spray came essential for me during these unbearable hot days.  I do not have a habit of carrying blotting paper or reapplying powder throughout the day so when I found out about a product that helps, I stick with it.

First things first, the packaging – as per all budget products is nothing special, however, quite sturdy to hold.  On the plus side, it seems to me that the bottle is a bit bigger than some other sprays available out there so definitely I cannot complain at the amount of product you get for your money.

Now let’s move on to the application, also it is my first time using a setting spray so this was new IMG_20141001_222827_resizeduntested grounds for me.   The standard application for the spray is to use after applying your make-up. Holding the bottle 8 to 10 inches away from your face. Close your eyes and lightly mist face. However, I tried experimenting with something, I applied a couple of puffs just after applying my foundation, concealer and powder and found that the whole makeup application lasted longer than I would imagine and I was quite pleased with that as it did make a difference to the longevity of my make-up. As I said before the problem area for me is my t-zone as that is where my make-up tends to wear off most throughout the day and I definitely noticed an improvement in that area.

To conclude this review, Avon’s setting spray is great for those damp humid days where just a primer just won’t do it. I have been using it ever since I got it, so thumbs up and a definite repurchase well when my backups run out.

So my lovely ladies will you be using this setting spray? Let me know what you think if you do? Or if you have tried any other setting spray as I would love to hear about it.

Until next time,



Disclaimer : This post is my own personal opinion, I bought all the products myself and I am not affiliated with the company.

3 responses to “Product Review #6 | Avon Setting Spray”

  1. I really want to try model in a bottle’s setting spray 🙂 Steph x

  2. Believe it or not, I have never used a setting spray! I have a NYX one being shipped over at the moment tho x

    1. Same here 😄 i came across this one and happy i did xxx

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