What eyeliner suits your eyeshape

Hey there lovely ladies,

So you all know that I have fixation verging more onto an obsession on eyeliner application and ever since I can remember and especially of lately you know I have been trying to mimic all type of liner types.  Sadly to say, after all these years, to this day I cannot say I have become the pro that I was hoping to become.


I cannot seem to see enough tutorials on eyeliner application, tips, tricks and techniques, not even buying all the best products out there (I mean you all know that I’ve done three products reviews here), I actually feel like I am only missing the ‘Eyeliner application for dummies’ tutorial.  Truth be told I do feel somewhat of a dummy since each and every tutorial I see, it looks soooo easy.  So why is it that when I sit down and do it myself I end up failing miserable.

At this point I am starting to loudly admit that maybe I am not good at this eyeliner thang! I crave beautiful black rimmed eyes but never hit the mark when I try to replicate it!!!! Until it dawned on me that I might be looking at this whole thing from the wrong perspective and it all boils down your eye shape.  While it is safe to say that there is no hard and fast rules when it comes to liner, like any other cosmetic, certain types can suit different people some better than others.

So here goes nothing, I have been doing some research on different eye shapes and I have come up with this list/guide of which eyeliners suit best your eyeshape.


The coveted – Winged eyeliner
From experience, hands down this is the one look that is so amazing that it is worth mastering.  Basically, because it suits most eye shapes especially those with rounder eyes. When you wing the liner out to the side you create the effect of elongating your eyes sideways.  By making the wing even slightly longer you play up the look even more.  Hands dow, this is the trickiest part for me but I have been practicing and practicing and playing around with different eyeliners to get a feel on what’s best to use and slowly I am getting there (repetitive I know but I am persistant like that).


Top only
This is best suited for smaller eyes as it will help open up the eyes and draw attention to your focal point that is your top lashes.  If you choose to draw only on the top make sure to curl it slightly upwards for that extra eye-opening effect. Just remember to keep the liner on the lash line and not on the inner rim as this will negate the effect.


658f43785311dc10f15608a677f66d4aDouble wing
While this look is totally fun to experiment with if the winged liner look suits you, then this is also a look you can try.  However I do feel that it’s better suited for people with close-set eyes. A winged end will draw attention towards the outer edge of the eye, making them appear wider apart now imagine a double wing = double the effect.


ee3efbfb71aef0be9ed46067b1753df5Inner rim
This look is great if you have medium to large eyes or almond shape eyes.  To be avoided if you have small eyes as lining the inner rim makes them look smaller (unless you opt for lighter shades like white, gold or silver).  If you have a natural almond shape, then tracing the inner rim will accentuate the nice curve of your eyes. Ideal also for the wide set eyes and if you emphasise the inner corners be sure not to draw out the line on the outer edge of the eye.
6094b380c0aaa5c584e7b9e62eafa013Thick wing
This is perfect for hooded lids as you can draw the line up to where it is required to lift and open the eyes. Liquid liner will make sure lids don’t smudge it once you’re done applying.



(all images sourced via pinterest.com)

This has surely been an eye opener (pun intended) for me and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much I did researching it.

Until next time,


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