The Blogging Sensation ….

to-blog-or-not-to-blog-300x210Hey there my lovelies,

Today I come to you with a bit of a dilemma or a wondering moment, if you like.  As some of you might be aware, my blog has been up for a little bit more than a year now and I have been asking myself as to how and what made blogging such a huge phenomenon.

Truth be told this is no overnight phenomenon but get this it has been coming over the past 14 years. Blogging has evolved from raw and blunt internet ramblings to the diverse and creative websites with some of the sites capable of calling the world’s media to scrutiny.

The term blog originates from the term “Web log” which means creating a modern online diary consisting of entries organized in a chronologically way.  The site Blogger was possible the first free blogging service, set-up in 1999, it has since then been bought by Google.  Blogger established the concept of free web logging, available to anybody with an internet connection hence sparking the explosion of blogging as we know it today.

free-blogging-platformsBy 2004, Blogger had become a mainstream online activity so much so, that the Webster Online dictionary, declared ‘Blog’ word of the year.  By then a number of companies started providing platforms either on their own servers or hosted remotely. Today sites such as Tumblr and WordPress are just some of the biggest names currently offering free blogging service as well as the premium paid upgrades for those who require a more sophisticated site with more features. Today millions update their site daily on the web – individuals, groups and businesses all contributing to the Blogosphere.

As per every individual every blog differs not only in the type of content, but also in the way that content is delivered. Most of the blogs focus on specific themes such as fashion, cooking, music, art and travel.  A normal blog combines text, images and media that refers to content the owner decides to talk about. However, high quality blogs with many followers and visitors have a huge impact on the economy. Companies try to profit from the influence famous bloggers are having. Thus, advertisement on their blogs is a big part of this new business.


Creating the blog, is the easy part, choosing between different blog hosting services, choosing the best one that will help you build up your page incorporating your own style and personality. The array of tools available on these sites facilitate the posting of articles hence the results in the constantly growing blogging community, but also an addiction of reading and following blogs.  With the rise of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest which are considered to be the microblogging assistants and also a huge support for the bloggers to network their page and reach more people and get more traffic towards their blogs.

So why would anyone want to be into all this blogging scenario, since clearly it is by no means a way on big income unless people that matter say so or you have like a zillion followers.  However ask any blogger  why he or she does it and you’ll get a vast range of answers from “because it’s easy” or “because it’s fun!” answers. I personally think that it’s a way of sharing a piece of what you like with an audience that has the pleasure in reading what you have to say.  In my case I am a fashion fanatic mostly with a beauty side and I like sharing this passion with my followers and if what I write about helps my i-love-bloggingreaders in any kind of way well that is a bonus!


So why did you start blogging – I would love to read your thoughts on the matter.  Nonetheless, rest assure, whatever the reason for this Blogging phenomenon, it’s not going away at least not anytime soon.


Until next time,


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