Event Post #2 | Launch of the Revamped Femme Beauty

FrontHey there my lovely dolls,

Today I come to you with a very special post as it’s my first event post 🙂

A couple of days ago I got an invite from the lovely Luisa Musumeci (thanks to Caroline Paris for thinking about us) to attend the launch of the new revamped Femme Beauty in Attard.  I love these kind of invites, they get me  so excited, but somehow I never manage to get to attend as my mummy instinct always take precedence.

However, this time it was different as on the day I was sleeping over at mum’s due to a hospital appointment in the morning (routine check-up) and so right after work I made my way  to Attard and boy am I am glad that I did.

Upon arriving I immediately was welcomed by the lovely smile of Christina Martinez, a glass of delicious sparkling wine, which went down divinely after a day’s work and a very welcoming ambience.  Truth me told it was my first time visiting the salon so I do not have an idea of how it was before but I surely liked what I saw.  A warm toned palette of cream, brown and pinks – that instantly make you feel at home.

Both Luisa (the beauty therapist) and Christina (the owner and nail technician) are beautiful inside and out and it’s easy to see on their faces that this new venture is something Luisa and Christinathat they are very passionate about which in my books, it is  what we all aspire for! I intend to visit Femme Beauty again as you can instantly tell that they will go the extra mile to make their clients feel at home in order to benefit from the full salon experience.

Like any other beauty salon Femme Beauty offers a number of body treatments, makeup for all occasions, facials, waxing, eyelash extensions (noted), manicures, pedicures, nail extensions and gelish on natural nails.

I highly recommend a visit to Femme Beauty as surely you will feel well treated and satisfied.  I, myself cannot wait to visit them for a bit of me time and pampering – now don’t we all love that!!!

My MeltsAnother beautiful thing available at the Femme Beauty are the My Melts oils and Alix was in attendance at the launch to kindly explain to us the story behind these hand made eco soy wax melts, which is non-toxic, contains no pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified materials.  Made out of 90% soybean and 10% vegetable oil it’s surely an excellent choice for both health and ambience.  The cool thing about soy wax besides being biodegradable, unlike any other wax, it has the ability to lock fragrance longer. It was very interesting to hear about it and with the nice aroma emanating from the burner it was hard not to to fall in love with the scents and I had to buy a couple of the waxes.  My Melts offers other products such as aroma beads and burners.  They also do souvenirs for all occasions (hens, wedding and baby showers to name a few) and on a plus side all products beside handmade and biodegradable, they are locally made including the burners and let’s face it I am all out #tosupportlocaltalentsandproducts.  Interested to know more, please contact My Melts on the Facebook here or website here – surely you won’t be disappointed – I definitely wasn’t.


 The Bloggers with the hosts for the night


The lovely decor at Femme Beauty – the eye catching feature wall is just beautiful


L-R Luisa, Myself and Christina

writing on wall


The writing on the wall says it all



The Goodies


The Melts


My Goody Bag

 I am glad I had the chance to attend the launch and again I thank Luisa and Christina for the invite, the welcome and the gifts.

Until next time,


Photos credit to Femme Beauty (excluding the last  3!!!)

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  1. It was a pleasure having you. Hope to see you soon 😉

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