When the Diva got pampered and glammed up!

Hey there my lovely followers,

It is only naturally that being surrounded by so many talented MUA on the island, besides the fact that I LOVE following and watching their channel.  So when one of my favourite Maltese youtuber, announced she was given a makeover session, I was so in for it, so as it happens I got scheduled for a glammed up session 🙂


So a few months ago Dyna (go subscribe to her channel if you haven’t yet :D) and we scheduled a day and since that month I was meeting up some fellow blogger it was only natural to choose that day. I was pretty much excited, when the day came as I am a huge fan of Dyna’s makeup tutorials and her videos, so when we met up I was in awe of her makeup room with all the gorgeous makeup stuff and being in the space where she films her videos, you really appreciate the work each vlogger takes into making these videos, actually you appreciate more the time and effort they go through to get the final cut we get on to see.

Needless to say sitting up in the chair, facing the camera, with lights in your face I did feel like a Diva (lol pun intended).

So not going to bore with all the chit-chat that went on (because let’s just say we can talk) and in the two hours we spent together we talked ALOT and let the video snippet do the talking (click on the picture) and if the snippet got you all curious then head over to Dyna’s channel to watch the full video and let me know what you think.


Again Dyna thank you for taking your time to glam me up – I truly loved every minute of it.

Until next time,






2 responses to “When the Diva got pampered and glammed up!”

  1. Ha, so much fun to watch, beautiful before and after!

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