Event Post #7 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta | Day 1 : New Designers

Hey there my lovelies,

Today marked the start of the 6th Edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and what a start might I add.  This year’s designer proved to everyone that we have so much talent in this business and the array of beautiful pieces that you will see from each of the amazing people from the ‘New Designers’ category will speak for themselves.


At his third show Lukka named his collection ‘Night Mist’ and he gave us the perspective that Blue and Black are cool when paired together. His love for vintage was paired up very nicely with damask and corduroy material which made his collection scream with oomph. Loved all of the pieces.  Yet another great job Lukka!

DSC02428 DSC02429 DSC02434DSC02450

Maria Cutajar

Wow was the first word that I whispered as soon as the first model hit the runway.  Maria’s collection ‘Summer Breeze’ makes sure each piece is true to the name of the collection.  With that feeling of freedom and happiness that only a summer breeze and the ripples in the water gives, this collection is absolutely beautiful and feminine including the wedding dress! Thumbs up.

DSC02470 DSC02478 DSC02493 DSC02533

Mari Ahoy

With her love for unconventional cuts Mari showcased her six designs titled Forms follow Feeling. I would say are very ambitious and daring collection but mostly different than your ordinary designs. Imaginative and different.


Giulia Pandolfino

Very appropriate to today’s scorching hot day the beautiful ‘Active Allure’ collection was stitched to perfection.  In a collection were sports luxe meets lingerie cuts all six pieces are beautiful crafted to accentuate a women’s body especially the very 70’s inspired one piece …. ❤ it.

DSC02686 DSC02728 DSC02754 DSC02773

Nathan Micallef

Oh my I did not see Nathan Micallef coming! His collection in one word…  AMAZING and this guy is only 20 years old! Inspired by everyday situations and his surroundings, oozes with confident and to top it all he even threw in that BACKPACK ❤

DSC02801 DSC02820 DSC02839 DSC02856

Malcolm Cremona

Titled ‘Walk the Talk’ Malcolm’s collection revolves around women. With inspiring words like ‘dream’, ‘image’, ‘create’, ‘achieve’, his collection empowers women whilst holding her femininity.

20160514_115113 20160514_114957 DSC02924 DSC02952


Gabrielle Fenech

The last collection for the day was Gabrielle’s ‘Pripyat’ and was something totally different from what I have seen over the years. Gabrielle’s pieces were very touching pieces when you know she was inspired by the 30th year anniversary of Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster giving us a deep look into a ghost town. Hats off  to the beautiful handcrafted pieces. Respect. Bravissmina!

DSC02637 DSC02660 DSC02671 DSC02683 DSC02695

That it for Day 1 – Check back tomorrow for a look into what’s in store … For immediate updates check out my snapchat (mydivainside <3).


Until next time,









Disclaimer : All photos in this post are courtesy of CLPS Media

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