Event Post #17 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta | Day 5 : Show 2 : Geisha by Eymeric Francois

Hey there my lovelies,

Second show for today featured the much awaited French Haute Couture Designer Eymeric Francois presenting us the very mysterious and sexy collection named Geisha. Having read so many great reviews from the collection Midnight in Paris which he showcased during last year’s Malta Fashion Week, I was pretty much excited to see his show.

Truth be told the name really drew me in and intrigued me and my mind got wondering as to what we were in for.  A Geisha is a traditional female entertainer who act as hostesses and whose skills include performing various arts and conversation, mainly to entertain male customers, whilst being mysterious, dominant and seductive.

The minute the show started and the first model to hit the catwalk my jaw dropped at the beauty of the piece of art, I have never witnessed something so spectacular.  True to his vision of underlining the boldness and beauty of women, he clearly made it clear that the dominant side of his women should not be forgotten.  Sculpted corsets, thigh high slits and slim-fitting gowns made the models wearing his gowns feel every bit sensual and seductive.  I loved EVERYTHING in this collection, especially all the intricate detailing of each piece especially the geisha costume material featured in some of the pieces.

Honestly speaking I am finding it difficult to say more about his work, without taking it out of context.  The collection is a piece of art and I think that to fully understand Eymeric’s vision one needs to feel his dresses on to understand them.

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Disclaimer : All photos in this post are courtesy of CLPS Media

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