Event Post #18 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta | Day 5 : Art on Shoes Exhibition by Désirée

20160518_200854Hey there my lovelies,

Third exhibition being held during Malta Fashion week, showcased the amazing work of beautiful, sweet and bubbly Désirée .  Exhibiting her Art on Shoes, she hit my love buds for all that is beautiful and original in buying a new pair of heels and if you add personalised and customised pieces, then I am literally head over heels [:)] and I want to own one of Desiree’s piece of Art.

By profession, Désirée is a qualified interior designer.  She works on a variety of projects in both commercial and residential interiors whereby her goal for each project is not only to create an interior that reflects the client’s needs and expectations, but ultimately, to supersede them.

She enjoys the social element of designing for people; having to delve deep into understanding each clients’ lifestyle, personality, tastes, and reasoning. Désirée works hand-in-hand with architects, project managers, and/or supplier to ensure client’s experience a smooth process when interiors are being fitted out.

Amazing work Désirée … mesmerized by your talent and you will definately be hearing from me soon.


All above shoes are by Aldo Shoes Malta, one of the main sponsors at Malta Fashion Week and Awards.

Until next time,




2 responses to “Event Post #18 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta | Day 5 : Art on Shoes Exhibition by Désirée”

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