Favourites #9 | September

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog!!

September done and dusted too, which means we are 3 months away from Christmas – woohoo – whilst yes (doh!) another month just flew by, nonetheless I am all excited for the upcoming festive season 😉 arent’ you?

So let’s the favourite post rolling …. hope you enjoy it!

Karity single eyeshadow pans
Yaasss AGAIN, I blame Nikkie Tutorials for my obsessing on these these eye shadows pans – they have been on my make up wish-list (of course I have a wish list!!!) FOR MONTHS.  Finally decided to take the plunge and order them.  Considered to be dupes for MAC eye shadows with the less inexpensive price tag they were totally up my alley!! Sadly the website does not ship to Malta so I opted to try the send-on facility offered by the local Postal company.  The total of 6 pans amounted to just $27 (forgot to use Nikkie’s discount code!!) with free shipping within the US.  However, I did end up paying and extra Eur20 for the send-on delivery!! Making each pans cost as much as the MUG single pans off BeautyBay!

They also took a month to get here, but I assure it was totally worth the wait as these shadows are AMAZEBALLS.  I got the shades :

Birthday Suite [matte] dupe for Brule by MUG : A minimal pink with shimmer frost eye shadow
Diva (OFC – hehe!) [metallic] dupe for Coppering by MAC : An Orange copper veluxe pearl eye shadow
Inod [matte] dupe for Soft Brown by MAC : A soft golden peachy brown matte eye shadow
Shrile [metallic] dupe for All that Glitter by MAC : A beige with gold pearl eye shadow
Temptress [matte] dupe for Embark by MAC : An intense reddish brown matte eye shadow
Vino [velvet] dupe for Sketch by MAC : A burgundy with red shimmer velvet eye shadow

These shadows are highly-pigmented, very buttery and blend like a dream.  There are in total 51 shades to choose from with 5 different finishes : Metallic, Satin, Matte, Velvet and Frost.

I put them in a small Z-palette and they are my pride and joy and it’s all I have been using this month 🙂 Will definitely re-order some more shade as I really like the consistency and texture of the shadows plus they just now released a highlighter palette (face palm!)


RCMA No Color Powder
At first glance, if you aren’t familiar with the RCMA brand you might overlook the RCMA No Color Powder. Packaged in a simple white jar, with an equally simple black lid, and a sticker identifying it as the RCMA No Color Powder, it doesn’t exactly look like a legendary makeup product. Inside the simple container is an even simpler white powder. However do not let this powder’s simple appearance fool you, in its simplicity is what makes it such a highly regarded product (it has been out of stock for MONTHS!!!). Designed to be the ultimate multitasking powder, the RCMA No Color Powder is a finely milled setting powder that can be used how you like.  It is also designed to work on any and every skin tone so you can imagine why it is considered a makeup artist staple item. Formulated with no fillers or additional pigment or perfume, it can used over, under, and simultaneously with any foundation shade or base. Pretty handy right!

I mean it is hands down the best I have ever tried and own to date, the highly raved reviews regarding the RCMA No Color Powder are directed at its flawless finish, its ability to work all day, and its ease to blend regardless of skin tone, type, or condition.  It works just as well for touch ups during the day as it does as a setting powder.  I love the finish it gives overall especially for the my under eye area!

Made of just two ingredients which are silica, and talc. The simplicity of the RCMA No Color Powder combined with its ultra-fine texture is what allows the powder to work so effortlessly. I am so in love with this product and the minute it is back in stock I am re-stocking for sure!

Lime Crime Velvetines in Salem
I’ve never tried Lime Crime’s products reason being that I always read a lot of bad reviews on the brand but I must say I was very drawn to the Velvetines range because I’ve kept seeing them on other people on IG and they looked amazing! I was curious to try out their formula.  I did try to find dupes for this brand off eBay however, the colour payoff was never the same especially for Cashmere.

So I placed the order for obviously Cashmere, Shroom and Salem and I was so happy when I got them, the packing so cute and girly.  Sadly I cannot find Cashmere anywhere and I am really upset about it as I have looked everywhere for it 😦 Will have to re-order it sooner than soon).

Anyways besides Cashmere, out of the other two Salem is one which is close to my heart as the colour pay off is beyond what I expected of it. I was worried that a lip colour that dries to a matte is at risk of flaking and crumbling but I can happily say that there was none of that (and I did use it before my lip fillers).  Once the lip stain dried, it stayed put. In fact, it’s up there with one of the best lasting lip products I’ve tried! It lasted through a seven hour day’s work including lunch, countless glasses of water and dinner before I noticed any wear – pretty impressive don’t you think!

Yana’s Jewellery Chocker
I could not close off this month’s faves without mentioning my latest chocker in my growing chocker collection and what better way then to have a customised one .. one made with love for the craft and to your needs by one of Malta’s finest jewellery maker. I love Yana’s work and I am totally obsessed on this chocker which in fact won’t be the only one in my collection as I have another 2 being made as we speak – cannot wait to go get them 🙂

Have you tried any of these products?

Until next time,




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