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If you recall a few weeks ago I attend 3INA’s flagship store opening.  On that night we were also given a pretty nice goody bag of some awesome products that I have been testing out over the past weeks.

So here is what I got in my PR bag:

All the goodies


Cream eye shadow in the shade 313
On the night we were introduced to this new product and OMG.  The formula of this cream eye shadow is amazing, it is so pigmented and creamy. It really does stick to your eyelids, but doesn’t have that sticky/tacky feeling. It is a little hard to take off, however nothing an oil based make up remover won’t remove!! I love it!! The range is vast too.  Initially, I had trouble with applying this because I simply used a flat eye shadow brush. I could have just used my fingers but my nails kept getting in the way but I got off ebay some silicone tip applicator similar to these and it worked well and I found it easy to blend with this specific applicator.

Blusher in the shade 100
The formula of this blush is very creamy and light. The colour I have is a light coral shade. Quite nice when I want a natural looking blush, even though I must admit that I have to go in with a couple of swipes as the colour does not show up on me with just one application.  However, consistency is nice, not chalky and easy to blend onto your cheeks.

Colour Mascara in the shade 100
This shimmery/metallic blue mascara is quite nice as a colour mascara. With it’s dark metallic blue shade you can’t really tell the difference between this mascara and a normal black one. The issue I have with this mascara though is the wand, it’s the normal type wand which is one I do not gravitate towards, for the simple reason that I am always on the look out for the big  and puffy wand that creates the faux lashes effects since my natural lashes are small, I did like it on my lower lashes. It applied well and it did not clump!

Lipliner in the shade 503
Next up is the Lip Pencil. I love love love this lip liner. glides on your lips but isn’t too creamy which allows you to get a precise line. also has a brush at the other end of the liner to blend the edges out if you want a less dramatic look.

Lipstick in the shade 107
I actually picked this up from a stand 3INA had outside the shop and I am quite happy with what I picked up as lipstick itself if quit pigmented, creamy and delivers a rich colour payoff with a sheen finish and it matched quite nicely with the lip liner 🙂

Longwear lipstick in the shade 509
I got this shade the first time I visited 3INA so when I got the same shade I did a mini giveaway 😀 This longwear liquid lipstick, is a favourite of mine, it is exactly what you need and I mean it.  The consistency of the lipstick is creamy, long lasting and colour pay off is amazing.  Bold and beautiful and dries in seconds but it leaves your lips hydrated with a silky finish. The colour remains as bold as it was when first applied and holds well even after a good six hours!

The Pen Eyeliner
Saving the BEST for LAST!!!! This liner is rated as the global no.1 seller for 3INA, this pen liner  provides a very ice matte finish for up to 12-hour wear!!  This little gem is amazing! it’s calligraphy style pen, is wiggle-free (YAS) and it has become my holy grail and need to stock up on it. It is truly quite easy to use and gives out a perfect flick or tight line and for me saying so it’s a big deal and my struggle with wing liner has been documented long and wide over this blog.  I love the jet black and matte finish. Hero for me as you can see the tip is so fine and short which really helps to create a perfect line. TOP NOTCH product!


I highly suggest you visit 3INA (if you haven’t already) in either Marsa (next to Kiabi) or at The Point Shopping Mall in Sliema (or the other 3inA stores in UK, Italy, Australia, Greece, South Africa and Sweden).  I am looking forward to my next trip as I got my eyes set on one of their highlighters.

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Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post (besides The Pen Liner) were part of a PR package given to me by 3inA.  All opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinion.

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