Pre-Malta Fashion Week #4 | Less is (not) More: the Maltese Edition – by Désirée

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desireeToday’s I bring you an insight into the third collection entitled ‘Less is (not) More’ by  Désirée.  I was lucky enough to I have witnessed Désirée’s passion transform into amazing work.  First time was during last year’s Fashion Week and later in the year when she lauched her own boutique in Sliema.

I really enjoy seeing Désirée work and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us this year 🙂  From what I have seen I have my eye on one of the designs and I will be looking forward in working with Désirée to own another one of her unique designs after last year’s Lemonade pair 🙂

So I went ahead and asked some questions 🙂

What is the inspiration behind this year’s collection?
The collection challenges and toys with the over-used term ”Less Is More”, a phrase adopted by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1947, which was originally associated with Minimalist architecture. It’s safe to say that the term has now become part of our vocabulary to the extent that it is almost considered a given that this reasoning is correct for all art, fashion and design talk being exchanged. The designer, however, wants to challenge this reasoning, and cause the audience to question its validity in our everyday lives.

Why Less is More?
Is the term Less is More always true? How much does it apply to us in; Design, Fashion, Finance, Relationships, Fitness, Health, and last of all, culture and national heritage?  In the light of recent events, some of our Maltese heritage, through natural cause, was lost forever when the Azure window in Dwejra collapsed, leaving no sign it ever even existed. This was the first time in recent history whereby a natural act of nature brought up so many different emotions amongst both the Maltese and foreigners. One which was hard to describe and believe.

This season, therefore, I designed and created from scratch a collection of handmade, real leather bags to pay tribute to some of these popular and well-loved Maltese forms which are dear to our hearts, and may not be there forever. These include; the beautiful Mdina entrance, the past Azure window in Gozo, the iconic Valletta skyline, the well-loved Bajtra and the traditional Bizzilla.

The aim is to adopt the characteristics and details that set them apart and incorporate them into wearable fashion with the aim of being proudly worn and appreciated by the cultured women among us.

Each bag is illustrated by Désirée herself, thus allowing each one to be a unique artwork, one that cannot be mass-produced with the same value. The designs are the end-result of a design process which Désirée went through when studying these five Maltese heritage.  Désirée adds that the new collection consisting of handmade leather bags all with a Malta-inspired hand-painted artwork on it.  On the other hand the shoes being worn are a hand-painted work-of-art that casually hints at the collection itself.  Due to the nature of both the product and the art applied onto it, the value of having a one-off item is incomparable to anything mass-produced.  The aim is to incorporate some of Malta’s most-loved locations or products, in an unconventional manner into wearable fashion.

If you cannot make it to the event and you wish to personally get in touch with Désirée here are all her contacts:

Instagram: @desireefashiondesign
Studio: DESIREE, 28, St Mary Street, Sliema.

Like all the other exhibitions and shows Désirée’s collection is being showcased as part of the Malta Fashion Week being held at Fort St. Elmo, Valletta and it will be available for viewing from Wednesday 24th May till Friday 26th May and if you cannot make it I will be there so make sure to follow my socials  especially Facebook and Instagram to see what’s going on.

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Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to Désirée and cannot be copied, cropped or in any way modified without the owners confirmation. Désirée sent me the photos for the purpose of this post.

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