Event Post #43 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta 2K17 | Day 3 : Abloom presentation by Carla Grima Atelier

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So here were are Day 3 of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta and what a day it was! Two amazing shows, 2 beautiful presentations and a unique exhibition.

Up first was Carla Grima’s Abloom presentation and I must admit that right off the bet this looked like it was going to be a great presentation since it was because the right amount of probs were used to set the mood for said presentation, hence giving the models the time to exhibit the piece they were wearing.

Carla’s work is very unique and distinct, in fact you can spot any one of her designs from a mile away and this is simply because in their simplicity each design is made from luxurious fabrics.  A rich collection that is easy on the eye even when bold and bright colours are used.  I particularly love the way Carla plays with the women’s body to make each of her pieces sexy without an effort.

I must say thay her trademarks Kaftans are always a pleasure to be seen, very beautiful still one of my favourite pieces.  But I must say that her swimwear is fast becoming another favourite of mine.  The addition of silk palazzo pants, colourful embroidery, flowy tops, short and long dresses one is sure to find something to buy.  In my humble opinion owning a Carla Grima Atelier is a must-have and a key piece to have in you wardrobe.

Well done Carla, another beautiful collection.

Lead Makeup Artist: Talitha Dimech
Assisted by: Jeanette Cardona, Karen Decelis, Daniela Zammit, Daniela Cremona
Lead Hairstylist: Dean Gera
Assisted by: Mcast Students

For those of you that might have passes to attend Fashion week, all collections being shown during this week will have a section just outside the main venue for viewing, so do take the time to go check them out.

If unfortunately you cannot make, I will be there so make sure to follow my socials especially Facebook and Instagram to see what’s going on.

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Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to TGM Photography Media and have been used to the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. © 2017 TGM Photography.

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