I’m Trending #22 | Hot new make up for Fall 2K17

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Hey hey hey …. it’s a #new trending post ladies – and for a chance it’s beauty related and some hot trends that I think will be hot for the upcoming season.  OK,  if humidity didn’t notify you enough, we are heading towards the hottest, sweatiest month of the year.  But, do not worry warm-weather haters of the world, as that also means summer’s final countdown (finger crossed) and yea (oh yea) Fall will be officially on the horizon. So, as we use our setting sprays and frizz-tamers to their very last drops, I started snooping around on every single fall makeup trend to determine which lo0ks (in my opinion) you’ll need to start practicing in the coming weeks.

The most common thing I could make of the upcoming trends is that unlike the natural-looking, no-makeup makeup trends that we have seen to date, fall is all about bold colors and statement looks. We’re talking thick and heavy to contrast with bright, vibrant eye shadows that are so damn cool, you’ll forget all about that nude lipstick you’ve worn every day this summer.  Whilst some of us will still hold on to the nude trend I have gathered the prettiest fall makeup trends for the adventurous ones out there.

Clumpy, Exaggerated Lashes

It’s really too bad that no mascara will ever come with the words, “For your clumpiest lashes, ever!” Because, honestly, I’d buy that in a heartbeat. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but in my mind, clumpy eyelashes aren’t something to be avoided — they’re to be created, as often as possible.  Of course, for this season I will not be the only one on #TeamClumpyMascara.

I found that the above two mascaras are great to achieve this look – The Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara and Catrice 3D Lash Multimizer Effect Mascara (in Ultra Black).

Bold, Bright Eyeshadow

When it comes to wearing brighter eye shadows, it’s all about how much confidence one has. I normally wilt away from the bolder hues. One would say they can be used to explore different options and other ways to express oneself.   As much as I love looking at bold colourful makeup looks, I find it hard to channel my love of a bright pop of orange shadow on my lids, or a mix cobalt blues and mustard yellows – but I can stand to be correct 🙂 However, which ever shades you decide to wear, make sure to keep it true to yourself. Makeup is truly an expression of your own confidence, and bright eye shadows are a great way to make a statement. Loud colors demand attention, and you should wear your killer eye shadow with pride. So for this upcoming trend, when it comes to pulling together a makeup look, remember: The brighter, the better 🙂

Here are some eye shadow palettes that with be awesome to achieve these Freedom Makeup London Decadence Palette – Clubbed to Death and Maybelline The City Mini Palette in Graffiti Pops.

Plum Lips

Each and every year, plum lips are always something I look forward to when transitioning into fall.  I don’t  know if you guys agree, but I find plum shades to be a classic and look forward to each year’s new take on the shade.  There are so many beautiful variations of plum ranging from soft neutrals to reddish plums to deep dramatic vamps.  There is something oh so cool about this trend.  Do you guys have any favourite plum colour – let me know which one it is 🙂

Here are some of my faves plum shades Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Black Cherry and Catrice Long Lasting lip liner 130 Prince Cherry.

Heavy Smokey Eyes

We can all agree that a good Smokey eye is such an amazing make up style and one of my favorites of all times.  This technique has been constant throughout historical trends, but still this fall it earns its place in modern day society as a classic adaptable look.  So ladies start practicing that smokey technique as we will be rocking it as much as the bronzy look 🙂 and I am not complaining at all.

The good thing about this look is that one does not need a lot of products 🙂 It safe to safe that with the NYX Black Eyeshadow Base and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil you can achieve the hottest smokey eye out there 🙂

Rose-Gold Cheeks and Lids

I am not at all surprised that this last trend made it through to Fall too as it been all around from your jewelry to your mobile we can safely hashtag the trend #rosegoldeverything. However for this fall, you can warm up your makeup look with this trendy hue, too. Slightly metallic and subtly flushed, rose gold makeup gives your skin a soft, romantic glow that’s great for daytime or a night out on the town.

elf paletteSunbasque

To recreate the perfect Rose Gold look I have found that you really cannot go wrong with the E.l.f. Rose Gold Eye shadow Palette which in a nut shell contains all the shades you need and the unsung hero from the MAC powder blush range in Sunbasque, just WoW!

So there are you have it in my opinion the above beauty trends are what I think will be hot for next Fall and I have to say I am loving all of them as they are all up in my alley and comfort zone – well maybe not the bright bold eye shadows but hey you can never say – might convince some of my list of amazing MUA’s to recreate a crazy bold look for me as I honestly do not think I can pull it off doing it on my own 😉

So any trend I share which hit your fancy – let me know – would love to hear your choice 🙂

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Disclaimer : All photos in post were taken off Pinterest whereas for the product the respective brand website was used to search for the product.

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  1. I am sooo interested in the ‘clumpy eyelashes’ trend. Better than squiggly brows anyday lol

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