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I have a fun and exciting post for you guys.  If you have been following me for a while, you know that I love clothing and that of course that also includes lingerie.  I do not know about you guys, but there is something so mysterious and sexy about buying a brand new lingerie set.  It makes a whole outfit feel that extra special and knowing I’m wearing a new set can brighten up my day – don’t you agree? Besides that, all #ootd worthy outfits picture start with the right base – and for me lingerie is a key part of that!

I was recently invited by Adore Me to share my favourite looks for fall 🙂 Adore Me is a subscription-based lingerie website that offers women a personalized shopping experience and provides good quality lingerie for a great affordable price.  Lingerie sets are picked by professional stylists each month and only costs $39.95 per set with free shipping and free exchanges. Membership is not the only way to shop. You can chose the pay as you go option and you will not get charged every month.  The only draw back is that to date shipping is not available internationally, however one can avail themselves of the various local shipping agencies that ship from online shop that do not ship to Malta, these include Maltapost Send-On, Express Trailers Shiplowcost and my current favourite a USA based company that ship to Malta at  very good rates MyMallBox  (more info on how this works come soon – so watch this space). For more information you can read about the details here:

So my imagination got running, I jumped on Polyvore and got creative and here are the looks I came up with.  I really loved creating these collages, I had forgot how fun it is. Hope you guys love them as much as I do 🙂
In my ideal world my favourite time to work out is in the morning. Why? Because afterwards I feel refreshed and energetic! However, life had other plans for me and as it stands now, I have no time what so ever so instead I have been going to weekly fitness classes in the evening!  When I know that I am attending a hard-core session, I normally opt for a sports bra as it is more comfortable however on the normal workout days I like wearing more light weight clothing but opt for a sturdier bra that holds everything in place and let’s you work out 🙂
My inspiration for this look came from Rio


I love dressing up for work and my ultimate must have and go to look for work has for a while been a dress.  I love going for the hunt for the perfect work dress, as I feel that it the the most easy look being that it is so time effective – one outfit and you are done, but it is important that the underwear is as comfortable as they can get so here my #look.

My inspiration for this look came from Kammie


I love me a lace bra anytime of day 🙂 and I think that a peek of a pretty lace bra is such a statement piece and one that has been seen on many celebrities and well-known bloggers as part of their #staple look. But whether you want your lingerie showing or not, you can’t deny that particular undergarment is a necessity.  Here’s a look and my third #collage.

My inspiration for this look came from Laureta


Here in Malta Summer is synonymous with weddings and most people have one every day of the weekend.  My preferred kind of wedding is a morning one.  Leaving aside the fact that here in Malta morning weddings are a tad too hot and getting longer and longer, which can be annoying but the outfit you choose can make your day much better and as a fan of beautiful pieces with an edge it’s all about how lingerie makes you feel. I always make sure I feel special and beautiful in it – even if it is a basic!  Here is my preferred choice on the #wedding look.

My inspiration for this look came from Hilaire contour

This was such fun post to do and create and trust be told I am loving the sets I chose from Adore Me, so much so I just might have to get one of them :).  Care to guess which one I will go for? Let me know you guess I am very curious 🙂

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