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If you might have come across my first post on Choies you can catch it here.  I was contacted by the company to choose my favourite items from their best selling items.  I have to point out that this post is not sponsored as any purchases I made were with my own coins 🙂

First things first, signing up with Choies was pretty painless. You give them your information and that’s about it.  After that you are sent your own link wherein you can browse around and the more you buy the more they give you points which are then translated in discounts on your next purchase.  The site is quite overwhelming with the tons of items available but easy to navigate around.

One thing I believe I should mention is to consider to always go a size up when it comes to dress or pants which say you normally get a size small I would recommend getting a size medium off the site.   In my case when I got the crop top hoodie, since as a style is big I imagined that it would be just fine which it did :).  I could have gone a size up in order for the top to be longer (maybe) however, I knew I was not gonna wear it on its own so the fast that it is short did not bother me that much.

My item was very well packaged and came in a secured sealed plastic bag, no rips or tears in the packaging and the main bag they were mailed in was made of good quality and tear resistant too.

Accuracy of Product Photos
Overall, I found that the item I received substantially resembled the item I viewed on-line. In other words, the grey crop top hoodie look exactly like the picture on the site which is key, because some companies will show you certain product photos and then send you items that look similar and/or completely different which are nowhere close to being the same item.  Based on my first purchase I believe that when you make a purchase from Choies based on the photo displayed, the item you will eventually receive will look pretty much the same.  I applaud Choies on this as from a consumer trust standpoint this is of utmost importance.

Methods of Payment & Shipping
Checkout from Choies is done through Paypal, which is awesome as we all feel better with this option since, giving your credit card details to a company I know next to nothing about maybe quite dangerous.  My order took about 5 days to be processed and to have a tracking number available to view.  Once that the order was processed, it took about a month for item to arrive.  I did mention the tracking number however I must say that every time I tried to check it the number was never recognised so I could not tell where the package was at.  I have to point out that I did not receive an email alerting me to the fact that my order had dispatched.  I’m used to receiving such a communication from sellers, but that wasn’t the case here.  Instead, I had to log into my account to check the status and it was only then that I had discovered that my item had shipped.

Customer Service
As for customer service, I contacted my sales rep one time when I thought that the package was taking so long to show as processed, but they immediately responded to my query which was later resolved.  I never contacted them on the fact that the tracking number link was not working simple because I was always checking from work and I just thought anti-virus was not allowing me to check.  I never had problems with items not being delivered however moving forward next order will make it a point to check it out with customer service to be on the safe side.

Overall my first experience with Choies was very smooth and pleasant and I do love the hoodie which I have been living in for the past few weeks and even though it did take a long time to arrive, I think the wait was worth it!  I will definitely be using this site to get some other items and highly recommend it.

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by  The item was purchased with my own money, however I get coins which are then translated in if someone uses my link which I shared on my socials prior to this post.  However, all opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinion and have in no way been influenced by website administrators.

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