Fashion Video #1 | Road to MFWA with Gaetano’s LEGACY The Video

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Last Saturday saw me heading to our beautiful capital city Valletta and more precisely at the Casa Asti  for something that I have never done for blog and that is to be part of a Fashion movie for the amazing local designer Gaetano.  Locally Gaetano needs no introduction, he has been commissioned to do a lot of dress for local celebrities to models to bloggers you name it he made it.

Ever since in 2015 he won the New Designer Award his reputation and beautiful work did not look back, giving us one stunning collections after another leaving us, breathless with every collection he created not to mention all the other dresses he was entrusted to do. Needless to say, I am eagerly awaiting to view the upcoming collection entitled LEGACY during this year’s Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week 2018, for which I already shared some sneak peeks, that if you missed you can catch here if you like.

I have known Gaetano for some time now and sometimes I find it hard to believe that he used to create his dresses by pining drapes of material to mannequins to make it look like a dress, learning on his own, one of the hardest disciplines in tailoring that is draping.

Fast forward to 2018, and here he is inviting all the people that believed in him, his vision of how he sees his women and trusted his work, of making any women feel amazing and he asked us to be part of this new amazing project that of the Legacy Fashion video.  I remember when he messaged me together with the other Bloggers, asking if I would like to join this project, I was beyond ecstatic, I was completely up for it of course, for all the times that he helped me out, making me look like a million dollar celebrity in his creations and of course I was totally happy for choosing me for this amazing opportunity.

My call was for 2 pm so I made my way to Valletta and headed to the Casa Asti.  Waiting for me I found a team of makeup artist, under Gaetano’s head makeup artist Marlene Vassallo ready to doll us up.  I want to thank all of them for their dedication and patience.  The MUA’s on location were Gordon Sultana, Kay Grech Coldman and a huge shout-out to Rodianne Caruana who did my makeup and she made me look fierce in a black smokey eye (loved it!!).  Hair was entrusted to Gordon Sultana and Marilyn Mizzi who did my hair in a sleek blow dry which was the look for our shoot.  I was in awe of the whole set-up, location, the vision and it all came together thanks to Blend who were entrusted with the project.

I am so eager to see the finished project which will be ready in a couple of weeks and I am sure will it will be just amazing considering the vibe and happy atmosphere that was the order of Saturday filming day, so I am gonna leave you with some behind the scenes photos until you can actually see the whole complete video.  Enjoy 🙂

This project could not have been possible without the following people – I linked all pages and profiles so do make sure to go show them some love.

Location : Casa Asti

Lead Singers : Claudia Faniello and Marilena Gauci

Lead Actress : Taryn Mamo Cefai

Bloggers : Dorianne at Ask Dorianne, Blog by Grazielle, Every Beauty Addict’s Bible and Denis Aljush

Extra Singers : Janice Mangion, La Barokka, Franklin Calleja, Pet ra, Anthea Bezzina,  Sebastian Calleja and Daniel Muscat

Make up for Claudia and Marilena : Justin Brincat
Makeup for Taryn : Karl Zammit Nash
Hair for filming : Marilyn Mizzi
Hair for Taryn : Dean Gera Salons
Hair for Marilena : Prive’
Hair for Claudia : Marilyn Mizzi
Photographer : Alana Bondin
Suits for male models : Reno’s Tailoring – Hamrun
Production : Blend by Marley Lagana
Assistant to filming : Sarah Gatt
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