Post-Malta Fashion Week #2 | From Models to Bloggers (part 1)

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I am still having Malta Fashion Week withdrawals symptoms and soin an effort to keep my withdrawal symptoms at bay, I thought why not catch up with some designers to ask them whether they would be up to a new venture for my Blog, which entails me having a photoshoot :o.  A first for me however, I have the pleasure to share this new experience with  a fellow blogger, namely Lara of Every Beauty Addict’s Bible and so here we are in this collaboration post 🙂

It is kind of sad, that after the much awaited Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta, everything slowly dies down, so in order to keep the hype going, Lara and myself got in touch with five local designers who showcased their latest collection last May and asked them if they would be up to help us in getting this post together.  Needless, to say they were all very kind to acknowledge their help and in fact, three of these amazing designers will be featured in this post whilst the other two will be up in a separate post later on this year.

I will let you in on what really goes in my mind witnessing a full blown collection during fashion week is that inner thought that goes ‘I want that’, ‘I so need that in my wardrobe’ and ‘OMG that IS MY dream dress’.  I am pretty sure we ALL have those right.  The next thing you know is ‘I surely cannot pull that off’, ‘I am no model’ and ‘What was I thinking’.  Ahh blessed dilemmas.  So what you know, we wanted to put those thoughts into reality and see whether bloggers call pull off a look straight off the catwalk.

Cannot continue this post without thanking all the sponsors who have been involved in making this photo shoot possible.  First thanks goes to Amy Talbot who together with her amazing personnel runs the gorgeous Talbot & Bons Boutique Hotel a 400-year old farmhouse, recently converted in a Boutique B&B in Gudja.  The place is exquisite, nicely renovated with rooms having different surnames and totally different designs and decoration making returning client experience something different everytime.  A gem in a beautiful and quite town and truly worth a visit.




The amazing designers for this post for allowing us to wear their beautiful creations, Couture by Gaetano, Parascandalo and RoseMarie Abela Studios.  Huge shout-out to Marlene Vassallo at Bliss Hair and Makeup Poala for my very edgy makeup using Makeup Factory product and Bernice Catania at Bliss Hair and Makeup Poala for styling our hair in these beautiful creations to compliment our three very different outfits.  Special thanks goes to Gordon of Go Raw photography, for make my first photo shoot fun and pressure-less but mostly for being patient with my awkwardness. Last but definitely not the least, thank you Lara for accepting to share this venture with me and for being helpful in the styling department and your guidance.

Now here’s the side by side comparison and let’s see who do you think wore it best? Nah I am not gonna do that but merely show you that yes with a little effort and some self-confidence you can pull off anything you wish for.  I feared this shoot but I conquered it and cannot wait for the next one 🙂

Catwalk Photo Credit : Bernard Polidano
Wearing : Couture by Gaetano

Catwalk Photo Credit : Justin Ciappara
Wearing Parascandalo

Catwalk Photo Credit : Justin Ciappara
Wearing : Rosemarie Abela

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did and I now cannot wait for the second part of this post 🙂

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Post belong to Go Raw Photography and have been used to the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. © 2018 Go Raw Photography

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