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Last Saturday I was invited to a very beautiful launch party for a new brand called Etnia Barcelona organised by O’Hea Opticians. So here’s all you need to know about the spectacular event.


Event was beautiful set in the newly restored The Sheer Bastion (previously known as Cugo Gran Maċina Grand Harbour) one of the most beautiful backdrops on the islands, a venue exceptionally beautiful, great for celebrations that are fit to be remembered.  I loved the unparalleled views from the historic waters-edge building of the Grand Harbour and Birgu City which give way to stunning views.

The Sheer Bastion and Maċina below form part of the fortifications of Senglea, which were built by The Knights of St. John in 1554, before the Great Siege of Malta. The name ‘Maċina’ itself comes from ‘macchina’ a machine used to hoist and fit masts on galleys. The venue and its’ surroundings swell with history and are proud to be a tentative UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Fulgencio Ramo was the grandfather of the founder of Etnia Barcelona, and was the man who started the family’s passion for sunglasses. Fulgencio worked for years on the factory floor of a sunglasses company in Barcelona, until he was finally able to create his own factory in Poble Sec in the 50’s.

His two daughters came to help him every Saturday, they typed invoices, and nailed the rivets on the front of the glasses, hence learning about the trade. This discreet and hardworking man was imparting his own values to his daughters – those of discipline and sacrifice.

Every Sunday Fulgencio would come home with a bag of glasses that they had to clean for the coming week, and by gradually passing on his knowledge and enthusiasm to his daughters, he subsequently passed on the torch to the next generation.

In time a new company was born; this second generation designed, manufactured and distributed glasses to the whole of Spain, maintaining the family’s passion and dedication. This endeavor lasted until the end of the 90’s, when 17 year-old David Pellicer, Fulgencio’s grandson, started to work at the factory. With two generations worth of inherent values, and an abundance of acquired knowledge, fresh-faced David eagerly entered into the company, ready to create something new. Thus, Etnia Barcelona was born.


Etnia Barcelona takes its inspiration from colour and trends of fashion catwalk.  The brand also works with the colour range of upcoming season to create new collections.

Etnia Barcelona glasses re manufactured using pure mineral crystal.  These lenses are the most advanced in the world and offer the best colour experience and better visual perfection without scratching.  Mineral lenses allow a vision 70 times clearer thank plastic lenses.

One great attribute given to this brand is the fact that all glasses are comfortable and are specially designed and manufactured to comfortably suit any size.  Also Etna Barcelona teamed up wit the best European partners, to ensure the best quality of their product.

I was honoured to have been gifted a part of Etnia Barcelona sunglasses and they are exactly what is described above, great craftsmanship, comfortable and definitely stylish and on trend.

Photo credit Mark Soler of Ms Photography



O’hea Opticians started in 1999, and as a company there were commitment to provide comprehensive eye care and related products, and services of the highest international standards.  Since then, the company has come a long way and today they boast a first class, purpose built and modernly designed outlet with a team of experienced staff, doctors and eye specialists in house.

At O’hea Opticians they have an in-store laboratory which allows them to offer their esteemed clients a one hour service for many prescriptions. They offer customers a professional and customized service when it comes to the manufacturing of personalized ophthalmic lenses.

They are continuously investing in new machinery and updating their software systems to be able to offer their clients the best service in ophthalmic lens products both from an aesthetic point and promising optimal visual correction.

All jobs are carried out in their laboratory and are supervise by Celia Melillo, the managing dispensing optician. They also have an approved Hoya Centre within their lab which means they are linked to the Hoya head office thus offering the highest quality of Hoya lenses to their clients. 3

Due to the great demand for branded sunglasses and spectacles, the product ranges instore are continuously changing and increasing.  They are proud to have been given the exclusivity for three renowned brands: Silhouette, Adidas and their recent addition Etnia Barcelona eyewear.

In the last years, the company has introduced a hearing centre within the same building situated at The Strand, Gzira.  This is run by a scientific audiologist. This follows the trend in the rest of Europe where hearing and sight are linked in a one-stop shop.


I was very honoured to have been invited to this launch as no expenses were spared by the hosts of the night O’hea Opticians.  The event was simply put amazing and well presented.  A good turn out which included the likes of many Maltese personality, Bloggers, Influences and client witnesses of an amazing event.

Thank you very much for the invite, it was an honour to be part of this epic launch.


Photo credit Mark Soler of Ms Photography

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Disclaimer : Photos in this post were mentioned belong to Mark Soler MS Photography  and O’hea Opticians and have been used for the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without their express permission. © 2018 Mark Soler MS Photography

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