Post-Malta Fashion Week #3 | From Models to Bloggers (part 2)

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

It’s finally here after a long summer, it’s here the second part of the Post-Malta Fashion Week shoot with fellow blogger, the beautiful Lara of Every Beauty Addict’s Bible.  I was happy to have scared this awesome experience and collaboration with such a kind soul 🙂

So if you caught our first past – and if you haven’t then you might might want to catch it here first.  Right after Malta Fashion Week, Lara and myself got in touch with five local designers who showcased their latest collection last May during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta and asked them if they would be interested to help us in getting these posts together.  Needless, to say they were all very kind to acknowledged their help and in fact, in the first post we featured outfits from Couture by Gaetano, Parascandalo and RoseMarie Abela Studios.  Today we are featuring not two but three equally amazing designers.  It was the perfect trio to sum up this amazing experience.

Let’s get the thank you’s out of the way first.  This post could not have been possible without the support of all the sponsors giving their help and service in order for us to achieve these beautiful photos.

First thanks goes to Amy Talbot who together with her amazing personnel runs the gorgeous Talbot & Bons Boutique Hotel.  She was kind enough to let us use her boutique hotel once again.  We fell in love with the place so it felt right and consistent to go back to the stunning 400-year old farmhouse, that was converted in a Boutique B&B situated in the quiet village of Gudja.

The lovely designers for this post who allowed us to wear their beautiful creations: Ritienne Zammit, Maria Cutajar and Gabrielle Fenech – thank you all for being so kind and helpful.

Hats off to the amazingly talented Daniela Ebejer at Melita Health and Beauty for the stunning makeup look she created using the new re-branded Shiesido Makeup.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you goes to my hairdresser for the last 12 years I believe now, Carmelina Cachia of Carmelina’s Hair Studio in Lija.  She has been taking care of my hair all these year and never ever compromise the health of my hair.  I probably drive her insane when I rampage Pinterest with all the crazy hairstyles and colour!!!  I was happy that we managed to work on thick project together and when we were discussing hair styles she immediately envisioned this look of tight curls and that will suit perfectly the tree different outfits.  I absolutely loved it.

Lastly a super huge THANK YOU goes to Taz out photographer on this day of TGM Media for his patience and the laughs, making me feel great through my struggles – yea haven’t master all you need to know for these shoot – but I will get that practice.  It was an absolutely pleasure to work with you and look forward for more.  Special thanks goes to Lara for sharing this venture with me and for always being helpful in styling the outfits with me #loveyagirl.

So let’s the photo shoot started first outfit was the one by Ritienne Zammit – Atronymic collection, an invented term taken by mixing the words Patronymic or Matronymic. Which means a family name that is taken from a male or female ancestor.  I chose The Adam and Eve print dress which includes various surnames, some of which are the following: Adami represented by Adam and Eve. Fava by the fava beans plant.  Zahra by the orange blossoms.  Azzopardi by the leopard within the Adam and Eve Image. Fenech withe the Symmetrical rabbits. Agius with the Griffin creature. Farrugia with the chicken. Zammit and Mizzi with the 6 pointed star.  A statement piece of dress, which actually has a shorts too since the bottom part of the dress is sheer printed material, in my opinion does not need much else, in the matter of styling, in order not to outshine it, however, I did opt to wear my current favourite red ankle boots and a couple of layered gold necklaces and my cat eye mirrored red sunglasses.

Dress : Ritienne Zammit : for further info please contact the designer directly
Crop top : Boohoo (same here)
Layered necklaces : Zsa-Zsa Malta
Boots : Simmi Shoes London (same here)

Up next was Maria Cutajar Dejjem F’Qalbna collection, a collection that was inspired by her late grandfather who loved creating the iconic Maltese balconies in miniature version.  The collection tapped deep into Maria  emotions, that of  pain of a loved one was quite evident seeing the very dark colour palettes.  I remember seeing this piece during the presentation and I really loved it,  the fact that it is a two-piece outfit makes it more current.  The skirt gave me poshy vibes, once I put it on, so when styling it, I wanted to extend that vibe hence pairing it with a netted-beret by Parascandalo was the obvious.  

Dress (2-Piece) : Maria Cutajar (for further info please contact the designer directly)
Beret : Parascandalo (same here)
Boots : Zara Malta (similar here)

Last look came by the talented Gabrielle Fenech and her Ruby Carol collection who’s pieces were very edgy pieces.  Of course needless to say the colour scheme is right up my alley with black and burgundy being the predominant colours.  During the viewing of the collection last May,  I loved this particular dress but I was a bit concerned about the length as let’s face me and Madeline Baldacchino are nothing alike – I’m a shawty however with the adjustable straps of the dress and the belt, it turned out perfect and I just loved it.  Styling wise I opted to pair it with my red bottom shoes that might feel a bit cliche but hey it felt right so I went with that feeling ;).  As a final touch I added my fave choker and ring by local designer Yana Azzopardi.

Dress : Gabrielle Fenech (for further info please contact the designer directly)
Chocker and Ring : Yana’s Jewellery (available in shops in Msida and Sliema)
Shoes : A Facebook shop (now closed)

So let’s do the side by side comparisons and let’s see who do you think wore it best? Nah I am not gonna do that but merely show you that yes with a little effort and some self-confidence you can pull off anything you wish for.  All the photos of the side bu side comparison belong to Mark Soler Photography.

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did and I now cannot wait for the second part of this post 🙂

Until next time,


Disclaimer : Post belong to TGM Media and have been used to the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. ©2018 TGM Media


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