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If you caught up with my Instagram stories (if not, make sure to follow me for future events here) Wednesday 27 February I was invited by local agent E.J. Busuttil Limited for the Malta launch of Nupo – better known to be the World’s best VLCD (very low calories diet).

About the brand:

The brand Nupo develops balanced food that help you lead a healthy lifestyle in a simple and convenient way.

The original Nupo Diet powder was developed in 1981 at Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark by leading reacher Dr. Flemming Quaade.  Since then, the Nupo Diet products have been tested and approved in more than 35 clinical trails.  The continuous testing makes the Nupo Diet the world’s oldest and most well documented Very Low Calorie Diet product.

Today, Nupo offers a wide range of balanced food products for your healthy lifestyle; whether you are on a diet, need nutritious meal on the go or a protein pick-me-up for training.

Our priority when developing new products is always to create products that are healthy, balanced, tasty and easy to prepare or to bring on the go.

We strive to continue to improve and develop new products to be able to offer our customers the best on the market.

What Is Nupo?

Nupo is a very low calorie diet, in that all you use is their products and take in 700 calories. As with any diet, you need to be drinking 2-3 litres of fluids a day.   On the VLCD, you take six portions of Nupo a day meaning 4 shakes and 2 soups OR you can replace certain meals – let’s say breakfast, lunch and snacks will be Nupo and have a healthy normal dinner made from the approved Brick system and list available that you can find in the starter book.


My thought after attending the event:

I need to premise something from the get go so you know my frame of mind going into this event.  Anyone who’s ever taken a casual glance at my Instagram feed knows I like food.  I enjoy eating out and as much as I love food, I do not have the same love for exercise.

I believe that I lead a balance and nutritional diet with an allowance of a cheat meal left for the weekend.  For as long as I can remember shifting my mindset about how to lose weight has always been THE biggest factor for me.  I guess shifting my weight from the outside without realizing the correct inner resolve and intention is the hardest thing to master!  So as I stand today I cannot phantom myself getting into the right state of mind to start this very low calories diet – but when I will and I will, I will let you know my thoughts and if I lose the extra 3 kilos I cannot seem to lose!!!


In the meantime I will let you in on all the information I gathered from the NUPO event last week.  Nupo just launched in Malta in February and is available in all leading local pharmacies.  All products have been tested in over 50 clinical trials and studies, it’s proven safe and effective for anyone who is overweight, be it they ‘morbidly obese or with just a few kilos to lose’.

For those wondering the prices for all the NUPO products these are listed hereunder:

The VLCD sell for €19.95 (strawberry, oatmeal, tomato, chocolate) for a box of 12 ;
The crunch bars sell for €3 each;
The pancakes ready-made packages are €3.28 each; and
The ready to go drinks are €4 each

During the event local TV host and celebrity Clare Aguis share with us her experience being on the Nupo diet for 8 days that you can catch here if you wish to take a look for yourself.  It was really nice to hear a real life experience of the products.  For sure her thoughts and journey with Nupo is relatable.

And this is my outfit look and makeup for the night.

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