Pre-Malta Fashion Week #8 | L’Amoureux by Gabrielle

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Another week down and we are now closing in on the first day of Fashion Week Malta 2019 #MFWA19 – kicking off on Wednesday 22nd May. As I mention in my first post last Friday this series has become a somewhat of a tradition for me. I truly love and admire all the local designers that go through a lot of preparation n order to exhibit their work during the much coveted Fashion Week Malta so it is only fair to give them a little bit of more exposure 🙂

Today’s feature I turn the spotlight on Gabielle and an insight into her collection. This year’s collection is entitled L’Amoureux, which represents one of the cards found within the tarot deck.

Tarot cards emerged as early as the 15th century and gained popularity during the late 19th century where the ‘Tarot de Marseille’ was the most popular design found in tarot decks. Hence, the pieces are heavily inspired by this era but modernised to keep up with today’s times. L’amoureux represents choices, guidance, love and protection.

I also caught up with Gabrielle and asked her to describe this new collection in just five words and here is what she had to say “The five words I would choose are passion, harmony, lush, magical and Parisienne “.

Oohhh la la je suis très intriguée and really cannot wait for Gabrielle’s collection so if you guys like me want to catch this collection when it is unveiled on Monday 27th May make sure to sign up for tickers here.

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