Pre-Malta Fashion Week #11 | SOS by Drew & Crew

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Here we are again another day another designer. Today’s designer is Drew from Drew & Crew and I have to admit that me and Drew go back a good 11 years if not more. See me and Drew used to work together and I know how creative he is. I have to say that I am very happy to see him here about to showcase his first collection at Malta Fashion Week Malta 2019 (just in case you missed it – it all starts next Wednesday 22nd May).

Launching his career fifteen years ago as a stylist and designer, Drew worked with artists, TV presenters, local photographers, and international media outlets. Drew describes himself as creative by nature, and everywhere he looks, inspiration manages to find him. Drew & Crew is the culmination of a lifetime spent crafting designs that speak to people on a visceral level.

Drawing on my fifteen-year career, I have created SOS (Statements of Style) to be bold, sexy, and seductive. This is a collection that elicits femininity in all its raw power and magnetism. A little rich and a little classic, SOS features looks that are fitting for any and all occasions.

Needless to say I asked Drew as well to describe his new collection in just five words and here is what he had to say “I would say it’s luxurious, sexy, confident, elevated and powerful”.

I am very happy that Drew & Crew have made it to Malta Fashion Week as I have personally seen what they can create and I am pretty sure we will all be blown away. If you guys like me want to catch this collection when it is unveiled on Wednesday 22nd May make sure to sign up for tickers here or contact Drew & Crew.

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