Styled by Diva #1 | It all starts with accepting your body

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!
Here is it I am finally so happy to release my first of hopefully many styling tips post.  I am not sure how well this will go down with most but I have listened to the ones that follow and interact with on Instagram (so you wan to join the fam, press here).

When I started jotting down notes on how I should approach these posts I must admit I was all over the place but then it all came to me that if I want to do these post right I  had to start right from the basic and and tackle these styling tips post from the first garment we put on – the underwear! 

So here goes nothing.  I really hope you guys like this first post and that I can hear more of your thoughts and ideas.


I have seen somewhere writtem that it has been declared that the décolletage is out of fashion! To be honest it got me thinking … It is all very well proclaiming that “cleavage – those magnificent mounds pushed together to display sexual empowerment to seduce, more than like inspire lust or even just to show off, is over or at least taking a well-earned break … but where does one send one’s breasts?

For most big-chested women, their breasts are a way of life and cannot be wished away in order to tap into a trend. They require a commitment of a sturdy bra that gives serious support. 

Cancel out the wispy lace bras worn by models in lingerie campaigns. They can cause serious back ache, and drive many women to breast reductions for medial reason, but largely, big breasts are part of who many women are and they should not be made to compromise on their confidence or style.  So from this point forward I will helping out and giving out tips for brilliant dressing suitable for women of all ages.


First and foremost be honest about how you feel about your bust size. Ask yourself if you are proud of your breasts or are you trying to to play them down.  This is key and I cannot answer that question for you and you have to be honest as from this post forward this will obviously affect your clothing choices.


I want you to stop wearing two sizes bigger than your actual size, that will only make you look shapeless, learn to wear what works for you and if you don’t know how then this is where I come in 🙂 I am here for you and I will also do the leg work to find all that is need on our little rock so you do not have to feel that there aren’t any options here. In fact I was invited to visit two boutiques here in Malta namely Bliss Lingerie in Mosta and Intimate Malta with outlets in Paola, Qormi, B’Kara and Zebbug. However the latter due to mismatching of availability I have not met yet but I will in the coming days and I will post a video on IGTV.

I do however strongly recommend that you get correctly fitted for your bra size and try on several different brands of bras rather than just pick one off the rack and hope it fits – do not be afraid to seek help. I can assure you sales personnel are insanely helpful and you will get the attention you need.

So here are a few things to remember when trying on a bra.


The band of the bra should be firm but comfortable. It should not ride up at the back at all; if that is the case then the size is too big and won’t be giving you needed support. You will need to drop a back size, but remember when you do, you will need to go up a cup size to compensate e.g. if 36B is too big, then try a 34C for size.

It is imperative that the cup should contain the whole breast, if you are protruding over the top try the next size up. If the cup is wrinkled, try a cup smaller e.g. if 34C is too big, try 34B.

If bras straps are digging into your shoulders, it could mean your cups are too small. If your breasts are spilling out around the edges of the cup, they might be putting a lot of extra weight on the straps hence you may find yourself pulling the straps taut to hold them in check. Either way, your shoulders would probably benefit from larger cups.

On the hand if your band is too big, your straps could also be digging into your shoulders if your band is too loose, making it so your straps are doing all the work. Take a look behind you in the mirror: If your straps are pulled so tight that they’re yanking your strap up, it’s probably too big or is too stretched out to do its job.

It is of utmost important to know your sister size (alternate sizes where the cup volume stays the same even though the band size and cup letter changes. Finding a Sister Size requires a set of one-size shifts, in opposite directions, in the numbers and letters of bra sizing) which will help you accommodate for size differences between brands – one size does not fit all brands. It is also a good resource if your “real size” is hard to shop for. People with smaller bands and large cup sizes, or larger bands and smaller cup sizes, will benefit most from sister sizing.

AT HOME TIP: To measure at home, you’ll need two measurements: around your back and under your bust for your band size, and around your back over your nipples for your cup size. You’ll then subtract the difference. For example, if your bust measures 35 inches and your under-bust (or rib cage) 32 inches, you’ll be a 32C because 35 minus 32 equals 3, and that number corresponds to the letter “C” in the alphabet.

Your bra size is a ratio that combines the measurements of your cup (letters AA-M) and band size (numbered 28-44). It’s a really good idea for any woman to get a professional bra fitting at a boutique – you might be surprised what a bra expert will tell you, such as you’ve been wearing the wrong size your whole adult life! However if you are inclined of not visiting a boutique, you can also measure yourself at home with some measuring tape.


If you are hooking your bra on the last hook, then it is definitely not your size. Your bra should be fastened on the first hook so when it stretches it can be tightened.


A well-fitting bra should feel like second skin, so take your time and have fun looking for the right bra that’s supportive, pretty and makes you feel fabulous.


If you have had breast surgery it is particularly important to get the right fitting bra and accessories (including XXXX). You should consider the type of surgery you’ve had and which type of bra suits your needs and your breast form.

If your straps are slipping, it could be one of a few signs that your cups are too big. Another tell is if the center gore, or the center panel on the front part of your bra between the cups, is floating away. It should lay flat against the middle of your chest. And obviously, if the cups are gaping because your breasts are not filling them all the way, you may want to go down a cup size.

The band should be snug, not suffocating or loose. When you’ve got the right band size, you should be able to fit your finger between your back and the strap with only about an inch of stretch. Your band is too small if the underwire is squeezing or digging in your breast tissue. But looser is not better when it comes to support. Remember that the band is what accomplishes most of the holding-up of the breasts, so a loose band that rides up between your shoulder blades will not provide the support you need and leave you less comfortable in the long run.


“Full bust,” “full figure,” and “plus size” mean different things. A survey held in 2016 amongst 2,00 fpund that the most popular sizes for women across the UK is32E and 34F. Quite a few brands offer bras in a range of larger sizing, sometimes labeled as plus size, full bust, or full figure. They all mean slightly different things:

  • Women with a small band and large cup size are considered full bust. That includes sizes of a DD cup or larger and a 36 band or less. Full bust sizes includes sizes like 28G, 30F, 32E, and 34H.
  • Plus size for bras have a band size of 38 or larger.
  • Full figure encompasses sizes DD+ with a 38 or larger band. All full figure bras are also plus size, but not all plus size bras are full figure example a 38F would be considered full figure and plus size, but a 40B would be just plus size.

Different bra styles and materials serve different purposes. Ideally, your bra options should complement your wardrobe. You want styles that are versatile, but comfortable enough to take you from day to night. You also want multiple bras so that you don’t stretch a bra out too fast. The experts I spoke to agreed that everyone should have at least:

  • Two traditional-style bras, like a smooth T-shirt bra in your skin tone, or in black, which would cover about 70 to 80 percent of your wardrobe.
  • A sports bra that minimizes bounce during physical activities, but doesn’t impede your performance. You might want different bras with different levels of support for high impact activities like running versus yoga or Pilates (plus, if you work out a lot, you’ll want several so that you’re not constantly washing them.)
  • A convertible bra that can be strapless, racer back, halter, or criss-cross for tops with “unusual” necklines and for formal occasions.
  • A non-underwire bra or bralette you can wear for travelling or lounging. Just make sure you can adjust the straps to get the best fit.

Bras don’t last forever, sadly it is the truth, even your favorite one has to be replaced when it no longer gives you the support it used to. The experts I spoke to said that depending on your size, how well you take care of your bras and how many you have on rotation, a good, basic bra should last about a year. Washing them gently by hand (after typically three to four wears) and rotating your bras (that is, not wearing the same one multiple days in a row) will also help keep the bands from stretching out too quickly. But no matter what you do, you’ll have to say goodbye at some point, so keep a lookout for signs, like the band creeping up your back, is a clear call that it’s time to go bra shopping.


Always hand wash your bra to prolong it’s life once you have found the perfect choice.

So that is all the information I have gathered – I know it is a lot to swallow and I know that it’s another long post from me, but bare with me I do not like to do things in half measures and so the more information I give the more you feel comfortable to know that there are boutiques out there ready to help you.

Until next topic,


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