Travel post #10 | Day Trip to Verona

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It is finally here as promised, I am dedicating a whole post on our day visit to Verona since it is another gem of a city in Italy that deserved it’s own spotlight!

If there’s one thing that I hope you can take away from this post is that there is so much more to Verona than an old Shakespearean tale of teenage love ending in tragedy.  So if you want to see what it’s all about then read on to see how we spent a day in Verona!

We were right on schedule as we left Hotel Johnson bright and early, right after having breakfast that is 🙂 So a road trip it was on Friday 19th April -> destination Verona. We located a very central Public car park which is huge and just a stone throwaway from the beautiful Arena di Verona.

Arena di Verona / Piazza Bra

That’s right! The Coliseum in Rome is not the only amphitheatre in Italy! It’s these types of structures that fascinate me about Verona. This arena still hosts massive-scale performances and is one of the best preserved structures of its kind. It was built in the first half of the 1st century AD and has hosted live concerts of the likes of The Who, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Kiss and… more recently One Direction.

Wander through Centro Storico

Centro storico is the historic center of Verona. This is where you will find many of the main sights in the city, like the wide piazzas, Juliette’s house, and churches galore. This part of the city is made for wandering (and for taking tons of photographs). Wander the side streets, have lunch in an outdoor café, and have fun exploring Verona.

Casa di Giulietta, the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony

Touristy? Yes. – Overcrowded? Very. – Worth it? Maybe.

SO MANY PEOPLE OMG. People visit this balcony which supposedly inspired Shakespeare to write the famous “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” scene. There is a bronze statue of Juliet in the courtyard and hordes of people line up to take a picture of themselves rubbing her breast for good luck. Completely and utterly baffling. You can also pay to enter the house and stand on the balcony if you really, really want to but it ain’t that big of a deal!

Piazza delle Erbe

This is another scenic spot in Verona. It’s also a great place for people watching, to go shopping, or to dine at an outdoor café if the weather is nice.

Adigeo Shopping Complex

No visit to Verona is complete without visit this amazing shopping mall 🙂 Like anyone I like to go this shopping and everything looks better when you have a complex that is has huge parking, very clean toilets, a lot of couches to rest that are available around the complex, provide Wifi and has many amazing brands available from affordable fashion shops like Primark, Zara, Alcott, Piazza Italia and H&M to high-end shop Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Guess, Lui-Jo, Nuna-Lie, Max&Co and Trussardi and many more.

The food court area is also well abundant with outlets like McDonals, KFC and other great restaurants and pastry shops.

Best part was the free parking under the mall. Totally awesome with red lights for occupied spaces and green for free spaces. I totally loved the whole experience!

Lastly I do highly recommend that you do not miss out on visiting Verona if you have the chance. I loved it very much and I would gladly go back 🙂

Until next trip,



Until next trip,

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