Styled by Diva #2|Flattering tips for big busts

Hey there my lovelies,

We are back with post number two of hopefully many more and I have my heart filled with hope that these will only keep getting love as after the first part I got a lot of positive feedback so I am happy about that cause as long as I can help a good amount of people out there I truly am serving my purpose.

Anyways to continue of the first post after we established that we need to come to terms with our upper body area and make sure to be doing ourselves a favour by wearing the right underwear, in this post I will be sharing some tricks and ideas of how to style your cleavage and make it work for you and you inner confidence 🙂

So let’s start rolling!

1. Keep lines simple

If you are someone who is very conscious of how you breast would look then this is a crucial point! As much as you can try to avoid any fuss in your bust area and that includes ruffles, frills, NO breast pockets and also no gathering from shoulder to bust! All of these make your chest seem bigger than it is.

2. V-Neck and Scoop neck are the safest neckline

Square, cowl, polo and crew necks all highlight the bust, so make V’s and scoop cuts your got to neckline choice. Avoid heavy necklaces or neck scarves to low cut tops for fear of drawing the eye away from the collarbone- the dainty part of your torso you want to highlight so if you want to wear a necklace choose one that hovers around your sternum or around your throat.

3. Steer Clear of stiff fabric

This is another important point to remember is when choice fabric – opt for soft fabric and stay clear of stiff fabric, shiny fabric, ribbed material and slinky jersey!

4. Sleeves are great for balance

This is a great tip if I may say so myself! The sleeves that finish at the line of the bust, drop shoulders, raglan and kimono styles should be avoided. Opt for natural shoulders meaning were the shoulder seam sits on your actual shoulder and long sleeves that flare at the elbow.

5. Dresses styles

A good shift dress with darts, a neat A-line shape, wrap dress, shirt dress and fit and flare silhouettes are all amazingly flattering for you lovely big busted ladies. To not steer away short hemlines either as this will draw the eye to your leg area and away from the chest!

6. Do not over complicate outerwear

When choosing your outerwear opt for one-button style with stretch or a semi-fitted soft jacket with narrow lapels. Steer clear of double breasted cuts and do invest in a well-tailored jacket that would look absolutely beautiful on a big-busted lady!

7. Find a good tailor (not a easy task but there are still a few around)

I know this is not a easy task however it is even trickier to fit a 32HH chest size and a size 12 frame, so tailoring is key! Find someone who understands your curves and will help bring your waist back into the picture.

8. DO NOT dismiss pattern

Yes you hear me, prints should be embraced. Just look at it this way, they eye cannot focus on one spot so prints will make one look all over thereby drastically minimizing the appearance of a large bust!

Ultimately I can give you as many tips and ideas as you want but I honestly think that with CONFIDENCE you can pull off any type of clothing and look ABSOLUTELY GREAT doing so!

At the same time I will attempt to answer a few questions you might have – I am by far NO EXPERT at all but this is what I can offer!

  • Do longer sleeve or no sleeve as you wish. However on many occasions wearing capped sleeves or sleeves that are too short that cover my arms till the widest point works well too. However I would much rather go sleeveless or wear longer sleeves
  • Also try more structured clothing as opposed to flimsy cloth. Peplum might work and so might blazers.

Another thing to remember is structure of clothing – assuming it’s of a good fit so do try clothes on before getting them! This will give you a clear view of your look which brings me to my next few pointers:

  • Make sure you are wearing a good fit! An over-sized piece of clothing may see, sloppy whist on the other hand an under-sized one might not be that flattering.
  • Do try flowy material – I know it might seem contradicting to the second point above but flowy material like chiffon can be elegant and will not clingy too much.
  • If you like your calves wearing dress that end at your knees will work well.
  • Choose the right pattern – diagonal or vertical stripes are fine and it is said that small patterns give the illusion of a smaller body but I have yet to test that theory!
  • Lastly and maybe the most important, there are three attributes the most beautiful people I meet possess and that is a confident posture, a brilliant smile and a great personality – all these traits put together with a good outfit will make you look and feel absolutely just as gorgeous as you truly are.

Until next time,


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