Event Post 105 | Pink Brunch at the impressive MUZA

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Pink Magazine dropped a fab new event just two week after the Pink Tea Garden this time Sunday 13th October saw me headed to the amazing MUZA in Valletta for the Pink Coffee Morning but for me it was the perfect Brunch and hats off to Fiona and Veronica for yet another great event.

It was a delight walking into Valletta streets early Sunday morning, heading towards MUZA. The area behind open theater in Valletta has just been restored and opened as a secondary entrance to MUZA.

Catching up with fellow bloggers and people that share your same likes and hanging out with them talking over good food, coffee and choclate is always a great idea! So for me this was a very fulfilling networking event which I enjoyed very much 🙂

Like all big events everything comes together when the right partners are involved and for the Pink Brunch was not an exception. Thank you for all your amazing goodies served during the brunch – everything was delicious Nestle, Nescafe Dolce Gusto Malta, Muza Malta especially Muza Restaurant, Sunday in Scotland.

Other sponsors of the event were O’hea Opticians showcasing their beautiful collections of sunglasses, Boss Malta introduced us to BOSS THE SCENT Absolute A very Magnetic new fragrances by Hugo Boss manufactured and distributed exclusively by SV Beauty, a member of VJ Salomone Group of Companies, Diamonds Internationals, Interior Outfitters, Satariano Living.

Thanks once again for having me Pink Magazine always a pleasure to being hosted by you and for the amazing goody bag!

Until next time,


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