Birthday Edition #4| ‘Dropping tilted’ | Fortnite

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

A few weeks ago it was my little one 7th Birthday and as per tradition Aiden chose his theme and every year it gets harder! In fact for this year he chose FORTNITE and I was worried to say the least lol.

Where was I even gonna start … I started searching online and as many of you know I am hopeless for craft even if I had the time for them I could never master craft. I then reached out to a couple of party events organiser to ask them whether they have ever worked with a Fortnite theme maybe I could hire some props – but no such luck.

At this exact moment I was missing my crafty friend as no matter what she would come to the rescue as she always did but that was not an option so the only option left was to resort to the internet and hope to find some ready props that I could at least place around the house.

As always we trusted Mannarinu Caterers that as always turned out to be a great choice as the food was simply delicious.  The thing that we love most that they keep changing the menu from time to time so you never get bored of tiring their menu, we opted for Party Menu A and added the some other items, like the mini burgers, the chicken skewers and changed the cheesecake to the traditional ones. We even got mince pies inside of the Choclate muffins which was a very pleasant surprise. As always great service and definitely recommend

This choice for cake was for marble vanilla with bits of chocolate in the mixture which made a whole lot of difference and as always entrusted Christine Gatt of Christine’s Cakes.  Cake was super delicious and the perfect ending to the party.

All in all it was yet another nice family party and little one was very happy which ultimately is all that matter and even though I might have not succeeded in the decorating side it’s OK as it did not ruin anyone’s mood especially the birthday boy.

Until next party,


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