Brand Spotlight #24|Kikkra | An new online platform for local Maltese Artists

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I have a real cool and interesting Brand Spotlight today as it features a new website launching TOMORROW called Kikkra® and an idea that came together this year by Anthea Maria Ellul and Becky Dalli being the mastermind behind it all.

Kikkra – The E-commerce to Elevate your creativity 😍

The idea behind Kikkra® was to provide local artisans with the ability to sell their handmade creations on this their Website! The range is quite vast from clothing to accessories to woodwork and more!

The website puts together artists, designers or simply someone who loves to create and offer them a space where to sell the produce. We all know it is not easy to run a small business and then place it online and take care of it’s marketing and PR not to mention the back-end of it all – it takes a lot of time which will on the other decrease your time to produce more product!

Hence Kikkra® will on the other hand offer the option to help these small entrepreneurs to sell their creations to the right audience, without begin distracted by everything else, which I think is an extreamely awesome idea and one that will link all different facets from Malta onto one platform that will open the doors to the seller to a worldwide audience. The whole concept is just amazing to say the least.

So you know me and my Brand Spotlight series are not really done until I have asked a few more questions 🙂 ‘Curious Cat Caroline’ lol caught up with Becky and Thea and got asking …

What initiated the idea of Kikkra®?

Kikkra® was founded in 2019 by Anthea Maria Ellul and Rebecca Dalli, two long time friends with a keen interest in the local scene and with an entrepreneurial mindset to bridge ideas.

The Maltese Islands are rich with talent and capabilities so much so that there are hundreds of local artisans who produce impeccable work that might be at times overlooked. We believe that this sector within the Maltese Retail market deserves more praise. That’s when the idea of Kikkra® came along.

Tell us a bit more about your story…

Kikkra® will fill the gap and serve as a bridge to increase accessibility of products in the Maltese Islands.  We have been slowing growing our own perspectives of what are the missing links in Malta and we do hope that in sharing the stories of the artisans on this platform will help strengthen your understanding in the work and inspiration that goes behind all this. 

We have no doubt that you will find it as interesting as it was for us to discover one artisan after an another. Truly this is our honour to them.

What is the meaning behind ‘ Kikkra®’?

The name Kikkra® came about when we were in the midst of ideas wanting to create a space where the artisan’s stories are shared with you, the customer. 

We wanted a platform where we can build a connection and start a conversation with one another whilst enjoying your newly purchases from your favourite artists. Most conversations usually take form over a cup of tea, and that is exactly what came to mind with this project.

Do you think that people are not aware of what is available locally?

Through conversational banter, whenever we mentioned that there are over 250 local artisans present in the Maltese Islands (and counting), we received a unanimous expression – that of shock and surprise. Yes, there is impeccable untapped talent in our local market.

How has it been taken from local Artisans?

Many local Artisans have taken this very well, and we have no doubt that once we launch we will have more people on board 🙂

I have seen from your socials that one of the first sellers you are working with is Gaia and Nina and Wood & Tassel which is just great … any other sellers that you can share with us?

Yes of course, a few other retailers include Wood & Tassel, Fransina, GABE Bags, Golden Island, WovenBy Kirsty and Anna Dalli.

How will it all work?

Kikkra® takes the form of an online shop. All retailers will be categorised, and each retailer will be able to exhibit their products under their name. We wish to give each retailer their own spotlight, as we want to showcase their story of how they got to where they are today. 

Is there a limit of how many seller there will be available online?

Not at all, the more the merrier! 

How can a prospective seller get in touch?

They can approach us on our email, Facebook or Instagram,  or else on our Contact Page when our website goes live tomorrow during the website launch tomorrow.

Big well done dearest Anthea and Becky on this awesome and great initiative and wish you both all the best in this new venture!

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