BTS #8|Aeternum Collection | A revolutionary 3D Print handbag Collection

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Coming at you today with a fresh new post and do not take this as a biased one it is true I work with the featured Brand however I was part of this project for just past few months – so this post is written will be totally based on me as a Blogger who loves anything that relates to fashion!

I have notice that my shopping has gone from hoarder to minimalistic this past year and this is a topic for a whole other post but I will be addressing the subject but today let us focus on this new amazing concept!

Friday 22 November 2019, Nilara, have held a Brunch at the Corintha Hotel & Spa and to announce the launch of a new innovative product which is fully Made in Malta. The launch was also for a totally new target market for the Brand as this Collection named ‘Aeternum’ is a fully 3D Print Bag which has nothing to do with what the Brand is know for – and that is evening wear and ready to wear outfit!

These new bags are targeted to challenge the perception of fashion accessories as we know it.

I remember the first time I was pulled into a meeting with the manufecters of the 3D Bags I was in awe of the idea and totally blown away by the concept. The Collection started as a project that at it’s core combines designer knowledge with technical knowledge together with classic sewing craftsmanship! How amazing and cool is that. I would have never thought of anything like this to even exit let alone actually printing something so useful!

The though process is a length one to come up with the design, to chose the right colours and to excute into a collection it was just amazing to watch. The designs of these bags is quite unique and features some amazing traits. In fact the Aeternum Bag Collection was created with the approach of re-imagining traditional aesthetics for bags together with an authenticity and innovation that is uniquely for Nilara, not to mention that these bag are manfactured with sustainable fashion mindsetwhich is anew coming from a brand that is fully registered in Malta!

The key factors that sold me when it comes to these creations is that they tick all things right factors; amongst these are the fact that it it was of utmost importance to think of no material wastage during production, no animal product or byproducts were used in the making of these bags, makig them cruelty-free and earth-friendly.

The material used in the making of these beautiful bags is fully certified PETG with glass fibre reinforcement, the manufacturing process is very lean without any material waste, hence making it fully recyclable and environment-friendly. 

I also love the amount of personalisation that went into the concept including the interchangeable insert and the vast amount of designs available that can be chosen on clients request – which is totally amazing. We all love a bag that we can build to our own liking!!! I know I am all up for it 🙂

The ‘Aeternum’ – 3D Print Bag Collection is now available online and with price starting at €99 for the clutch size, I think this could be a pretty cool gift and I know I would love to have one waiting for me underneath my Christmas tree – oh shot now I know what to ask Santa for this year 🙂 hehe

If I learnt anything by working with the amazing people at Nilara is that with perseverance and good will there is room for improvement for sure but anything can be made possible. Now whilst I do understand that this is not a reality, since most of the times, you feel let down but obstacles, I do not see why you shouldn’t persist in achieving an unreachable goal. Fact is when you do get there will be no stopping you!

I am absolutely loving these amazing bags and whilst I will address any queries you might have I wonder what are your basis thoughts of these 3D Print Bags – love to hear them so drop me a line.

Until next time,


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