2019 Round up| My Best Blog Posts

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

I have been seeing these blogs pop up on my feed and I was truly enjoying myself checking them out since I might have missed of couple of good blog posts from fellow bloggers so it’s now my turn to run down my ‘top 10 blog posts for the year’ hoping that if you missed any if them you might want to check them out 🙂

WOW I wrote give or take 80 posts in 2019 which makes that about 60,000+ words good lawd I had a lot to say hehe (sorry not sorry!!!!!!!)

So here are my top, most-viewed/read blog posts from this year in no particular order as to me they all mean a lot.

Thank you for all your support my loves, you are all on my mind when I sit in front of my laptop to write. Hope you stick around in the new decade.

So these are the posts 🙂

The ‘Dropping tilted’ | Fortnite Themed Party seemed to have been popular – thank you – means a lot since its just a small party we do for your little one between families 🙂

My review of ‘The Butterfly Collection’ Gaetano’s New Collection was another popular post 🙂 You all know the special bond I have with Gaetano so the fact that so many of you read this post makes me indeed very happy 🙂

My Spotlight on the fab new online platform Kikkra – yes the one that was set up to help small business in Malta to sell online was also a great hit. Truly loved this initiative.

My review on Salvaged Beginnings SS20 by Parascandalo also made it to the list! This was a super cool event as I had the opportunity to help out during the event as part of the MCAST Entrepreneurship.

The new and exciting Aeternum Collection Launch by Nilara was also a great read with you my lovelies which is double amazing for me – thank you it means a lot.

Another Spotlight made it to the list. I came across a very interesting skin care brand called Casmara Malta and I cannot wait to let you know more on this brand 🙂

A favourite topic ‘The Guest Blog’ post got a spot on the list and this one was all about Electrolysis Facial Hair Removal Pre and Post-Care Tips – you seemed to have enjoyed that one 🙂

My picks post that featuring the beautiful and stylish accessories by the local brand Lussu Luxorious Accessories made it to the Top 10 as well .. Thank you.

The re-launching of top French brand Promod Malta in Valletta was another favourite and I do not blame you as I totally love their collections.

Last but by far the least the first post, from the new topic Styled by Diva launched in 2k19 made it to the list and this cannot make me happier. See I have been told that I should talk more about what I enjoy doing and that is give advice to those who need it. Or let me rephrase that as I might sound big-headed. I help fellow ladies feel good and own an outfit 🙂 This gives me the energy to keep writing these post 🙂

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