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The beauty of hair is an indicator of attractiveness and health in women. For this reason, it takes a lot of time and money to achieve the desired result. Salon procedures can achieve significant results, but the prices for hairdressing services are very high. You can restore, cure and keep the strands healthy and an alternative way of hair care at home.

The Beauty of Hair
Signs of Sick Hair

To determine the condition of the hair, you should pay attention to the symptoms:

  • section of the ends;
  • fragility and thinning;
  • faded shade;
  • lack of volume;
  • intense loss;
  • slow growth.
Basic care rules

Improper lifestyle affects the state of health in general, as well as appearance. The main recommendations will help to achieve and maintain the perfect condition of curls.

These include:

  • proper washing;
  • competent selection of tools for combing and accessories;
  • regular cutting of the ends;
  • protection against external factors;
  • the use of care products.

 It may seem that everything is so simple and understandable, however, even the smallest mistakes are fraught with negative consequences.

Washing the hair

To obtain at home an effect identical to that achieved when washing the hair of a hairdresser, it is enough to familiarize yourself with all the nuances.

Washing your Hair

A competent approach to choosing a shampoo. The criterion for finding the tool is the state of the hair and its type. It is unacceptable to use the product on oily hair if it is designed taking into account the characteristics of dry strands.

The use of balms. Cosmetics are designed to moisturize, facilitate combing and give shine. Proper application is of great importance. The composition is distributed from the middle of the strand to its end. Processing of the root zone will negatively affect the skin, increasing fat content and giving the hair a stale look.

Water temperature. The maximum allowable value is 50 degrees. A hotter fluid enhances the release of sebum and provokes baldness. It is optimal to use warm water and at the end of the washing process – cool.

Traumatic factors. Naturally drying your hair will avoid the harmful effects of a hairdryer, so you should refuse to use the device as much as possible. An iron, a hair curler and a curling iron will completely replace the foam bobbin. If laying using heating devices is necessary, be sure to apply in advance a product with protective properties from the negative effects of high temperature.

Combing wet curls. You should wait until the strands are slightly dry. It is also not recommended to go to bed with wet hair, as this will lead to the formation of creases, as well as spoil the shape of the hairstyle.

9 ways to fix dry, damaged hair - National |

Most damage occurs due to errors during this procedure. It is forbidden to rub the strands with a towel. They are gently squeezed and put into a turban.

Too long to leave your hair wrapped up is not worth it, as this leads to brittleness and impaired blood circulation. As a result, the bulbs do not receive adequate nutrition, and growth slows down.

If you rub the strands, you can damage the scales. This will cause a loss of gloss and cross-sectioning.

 The perfect option is to dry the hair easily. When styling is still necessary, the hair dryer should not be turned on to the maximum mode. Enough cool air stream. This technique will allow you to more effectively give the hairstyle the desired shape and keep it longer.

The use of thermal protective sprays, mousses, and foam is produced before each use of devices. Besides, a special serum will help to avoid moisture loss in this case. The hair dryer should be directed according to the growth of curls to avoid brittleness and fluffiness.


With severe damage to the hair structure, dryness, and dullness, it is advisable to use balms. For the right choice of cosmetics, several nuances should be taken into account:

  • For preventive purposes, it is not necessary to purchase professional products. Enough household analogs.
  • Lifeless and overdried strands need to be treated with cosmetics with a minimum content of harmful components.
  • It is optimal to use a mask, conditioner, and shampoo of the same brand.
  • Before buying, you should read reviews of other consumers. This will help evaluate the effectiveness of the selected brand.
  • For the first application, a small dosage is suitable, which will save money if the product does not fit.
  • Dry hair should be looked after with balms that contain keratins, essential oils, silk or wheat proteins, plant extracts, amino acids, mineral and vitamin complexes.

To use the balm, the algorithm is used:

  • Shampoo wash.
  • Easy drying.
  • Application of the composition at a distance from the roots of 10 cm and below.
  • The distribution of funds along the entire length. Additionally, thick curls comb through the comb.
  • The composition is aged from 5 minutes to 20.
  • The residue is washed with warm water.
  • Drying naturally.

It is not recommended to repeat the procedure more than three times a week to avoid the weighting and dullness of the strands.


A metal comb harms the skin of the head and scalp. Its use also contributes to electrification. It is better to use tools made of wood or plastic. For massage and unraveling of the ends, a brush with natural bristles is suitable, and as a result of regular use, hair growth is accelerated and blood circulation is enhanced.

Each combing starts from the ends. With brittleness and fragility of curls, oil or cream is applied to them to facilitate the process.

Using tightening gum harms curls. Accessories must be elastic. It is better to refuse the use of metal hairpins and clips.

Aroma combing

Combing with stressful experiences and at the same time strengthen the strands will help to comb with aromatic oils. It is indispensable when included in a comprehensive home hair care.

The main criterion is the right tool. Suitable wood, bristles, and bone. A plastic comb or a metal one will not do any good. Only completely dried curls are processed.

The process will need up to 3 drops of aromatic oils. It is enough to repeat the procedure twice a week. Before use, you should first check for an allergic reaction to the components. For this, a drop of the composition is applied to the inside of the elbow or wrist.

Suitable for aroma combing any type of essential oil.

For strengthening apply:

  • lemon;
  • peppermint;
  • tea tree;
  • rosemary.

For oily hair, oils are preferred:

  • pine trees;
  • grapefruit;
  • verbena;
  • roses;
  • juniper.

Beneficial effect on dry strands:

  • lavender;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • jasmine.

The secret of the method is that only the use of high-quality natural products will bring the desired result.

How to protect your long hair while you sleep | Inspiring Beauty Blogs

Ultraviolet is destructive to hair. She loses sheen and moisture. The especially detrimental effect of the sun on colored curls. For this reason, it is imperative to use hats or an umbrella.

The use of special sprays will additionally protect the structure, but their effects are not enough if you are under the sun for a long time.

A headdress will protect you from strong winds and precipitation. Elegant models of berets or hats also add charm to the female appearance.


The neatness and freshness of the hairstyle are achieved through regular visits to the hairdresser. A short haircut is updated every month. Regularity depends on the growth rate. Long strands are trimmed every 2 months.

If you do not periodically cut the ends, even a neat styling will look untidy. Well-groomed appearance, too, will not work.

4 Ways to Trim Your Own Split Ends - wikiHow

Usually, after drying, the curls are collected in a hairstyle, which depends on the case. At home, it is preferable to do simple stylings, such as a bundle, tail or braid. Stylists do not recommend creating more complex options, because the hair needs to rest. Numerous studs, clamps and styling tools destroy the structure of the strands.

Even to create a simple hairstyle, you can not over-tighten and tighten the curls. This will thin them, make them brittle, and also lead to injury to the follicles and bulbs.

The use of chemoprotective products is a mandatory preparatory step if a curling iron, styler or hairdryer is used. Permissible application to wet and dry hair. Avoid bonding will help varnish with an average level of fixation. If the locks are freely passed between the fingers, the tool is selected correctly.

To maintain the shape of the hairstyle throughout the day, gel, mousse, cream or foam is used. It is better to choose cosmetics without silicones, this is especially true for oily hair type, it does not weigh curls. Fragrance-free products with caring components in the form of oils and vitamins are suitable for dry hair. 

Step-by-step structuring of the strands will ensure styling accuracy and beauty. Start from the lateral and lower zones, moving to the back of the head and up. Hair is fixed with special clips. If you put a piece of matter or paper under invisibility, creases are not formed.

The obligatory finishing stage is the cooling of curls to get used to the created form. After taking the final form and a little shrinkage, amendments are allowed. Headgear is also worn only on cooled hair, otherwise, styling will be ruined.


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