Froika Hyaluronic Silktouch Sunscreen Tinted | Product Review #33

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It has been a awhile that I haven’t done a product review on my Blog and since I have been lacking topic to write about I thought why not bring back and old favourite 🙂

So here we are and for today’s review, I thought of delving into a new product that I have been testing out for a few weeks now which I was #gifted by the local importers of Froika namely Beauty Centre Malta.

Who are Beauty Centre Malta
Beauty Centre Malta was founded around 2008 catering for professional hair and beauty industry, and to this day we are proud to say that our company still remains very much a family business with customer’s interests close to our heart.

The Froika Hyaluronic Silktouch Sunscreen Tinted 50+, is the latest product I have been testing out. I have to admit that I had to do my own research on the brand and company as to be fair I never heard of this particular brand however you know me I am sold at only the mere mention of the word Hyaluronic!!!!

So let me share with you a bit of information about the company and brand itself

FROIMED is the manufacturing and trading company of FROIKA brand. It was established in 1957 and over the years has become a leader in the Greek Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical Market. It manufactures a wide range of dermatological and dental products in accordance with GMP international rules (Good Manufacturing Practices).

All products are hypoallergenic, for sensitive-dry-normal skin, characterized as Dermatological Specialties and Cosmetics for Therapeutic Purposes. They are prescribed by Dermatologists, Allergiologists, Pediatricians, Plastic Surgeons.

Froika products are produced and scientifically tested with skin-friendly raw materials, free of allergens and in line with international G.M.P. Good Manufacturing Practice directives.

The Froika Hyaluronic Silktouch Tinted 50+ – Tinted-Concealing Sunscreen – Very High Protection is designed with the new 3rd generation elastomer technology, offering primary, broad range UVA & UVB sun protection, and on a secondary level antioxidant protection thanks to the beneficial effect of the Indanone component. However, in this product, the combined Hyaluronic Acid that we all know provides anti-wrinkle properties that help smooth out any fine lines, wrinkles and others signs of ageing.

The consistency of the product is thick and creamy and because of it tinted nature it effectively provides good coverage to any skin imperfections. I love the fact that it’s a non-oily product which makes it easily absorbed once applied and also makes this product ideal as a daily moisturiser.

Another point I had to check up on is that it states that the product is photostable – water-resistant & Parabens free product.

What does photostable mean? In a few medical words – it means resistant to change under the influence of radiant energy and especially of light.

We all make sure that when choosing our sunscreen this will protect against both UVA and UVB rays – but do you know whether you’ve chosen a photostable sunscreen? Photostability is the ability of a product to retain its integrity upon exposure to light. In the case of a sunscreen, you will want to ensure that your product of choice doesn’t degrade when the first UV ray hits your skin. As you can imagine, this is an essential quality for any sunscreen.

While sunscreens always display their SPF values (the ability to block UVB rays, which are associated with sunburn), it’s still not easy to tell if your sunscreen will protect against UVA rays or if it is photostable. Although new regulations are on the way, manufacturers don’t necessarily inform you as to the photostability of their products. So even though your sunscreen may be broad spectrum, a photo unstable product could leave you at risk not only from sunburn (via UVB rays), but also from longer term skin damage, such as photoaging, wrinkles and even some types of skin cancers via UVA rays. So moving forward it is important to check out if your product has photostability!

I am so thankful I was introduced to this brand and this particular product. The cream smoothes out the skin nicely. It did not cause any irritation to my skin especially around the eye area (it has happened to me before to put on sunscreen and my undereye start stinging). All this, while leaving the skin smooth, hydrated and matte. I love it – my skin feels like velvet to the touch and honestly, I’m not exaggerating! You can find the product here should you wish to have a look yourself 🙂

So, in a nutshell, whilst I thoroughly enjoyed using this product and notwithstanding the fact that I loved everything about it, consistency great, longevity awesome, the fact that it has Hyaluronic – AMAZING – however the thing that I am taking away from this product is that I learned about photostability which as I said moving forward is something I will look out for in my protection against UVA!

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