The mind behind Empowered | Spotlight Series #24

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In the age of Internet rage, sometimes it feels like we cannot say anything without someone being upset or misunderstanding said intentions. We all jump to conclusions. We throw our pitch forks and comment “UNFOLLOWING!” or assess someone’s entire personhood based on one thing they said or did. It can be frustrating, but hardly anyone remembers we’re all human and all perceive things differently. Maybe just maybe the internet has just made it easier to be angry faster!

Not to mention all the marketing messages reminding us that “real women” have different body types are commonplace. In a world where fat shaming is everywhere, IT IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO promote THE FACT that all bodies are beautiful, and really push more for “body positivity.”

So when I came to learn about this project initiated by Taz of TGM Media, I had to get the blog post around so as to hold a place online. Truth be said Taz has been wanting to do this project for many years, to promote the absolute beauty that is the female form and no, this project is not limited to just a size 0 or 6 contrary to what you find plastered over social media, magazines and on the catwalk. Every woman is beautiful in their own rightful way and should be celebrated as such

Joining forces with Taz and his wife Miriam and the help of seven amazing woman each very different to the next but all radiate beauty along with two main sponsors, Haus of Gaetano & Bliss Lingerie both of which back and actively promote body positivity we will see Taz’s vision become reality

I manged to sit down with Taz and got around in asking him a few questions, so let’s start 🙂

1. Who is your target audience for this photography project?

The target audience for this project are all the women out there that maybe have insecurities about there own beauty, but in reality I would like to think this will speak to everyone.

2. Why does what you’re trying to say matter?

It matters because too many females are growing up around fashion magazines and social media portraying what society deems what a female body should look like. When it is not the case. Women should be comfortable in their own skin irrespective of size and age.

3. How will your project be unique and different compared to other work you have done?

It will be unique because I will not be using just one type of model! Quite the contrary I will be using women of all walks of life from women that have no experience in this type of work all the way up to a runaway model.

4. Will there be new photographic tools for this project?

Yes, I have always shot either with a 35mm film camera (my very young days) or a DSLR. For this project I am excited to be using for the very first time a mirrorless camera which will add a different dynamic to the shots.

5. Do you envisage the outcome of the final image will be a good visual representation of what you want this project to come across as?

Yes I believe it will be a good visual representation due to the diversity of the women involved showing how beauty and confidence overpower typical public stereotyping.

6. What will your color schemes/tones be?

Definitely earthy tones with a sprinkle of gold for good measure to compliment the classy look.

7. Will it be shot on location or in studio?

This shoot will be on location at the exquisite Luciano Boutique Hotel in the heart
of our capital Valletta boasting amazing views of the harbour and of the city itself.

8. If using lighting, where will they be positioned?

For the lighting I will be using up to 4 studio strobes. The positioning will be differing from model to model so I cant give a definitive answer. The lighting will be set up to extenuate the model’s body using soft shadows and also using some projected colour for contrast.

9. How can you light your subject to better convey your message?

We have 7 amazing ladies for this project and they are Francesca who burlesque performer, Jasmine who is a tattoo artist – Wendy who is a no stranger to modelling, Carmen who works in iGaming and is modelling for the very first time, Pauline who is an office worker and also a plus size model, Beatrice who works in iGaming and also a professional model and of course You, Caroline a mom, and a fashion blogger.

10. Who will your subject(s) be? Are they the best subjects to convey your vision?

I feel they would be the best subject to convey this vision because they are all from different backgrounds, shapes and sizes. completely different generations with one common goal to emphasise the beauty in women.

11. Who will your assistants/crew be?

My crew and assistance will consist of course my ever supportive wife Miriam. The amazing Gaetano who will be providing gowns for the ladies, The amazing people over at Bliss that provided ladies with lingerie for the boudoir part of the shoot. We also have a team of 2 make up artists Dorothea and Leanne the talented Magdalena our hairstylist who will be providing their unique looks.

12. what do you wish will come out of this campaign shoot?

As the name suggests my wish is that women young and “old” will become more empowered to be confident with in their own body rather then trying to conform to expectations of others which unfortunately can lead to things like body dysmorphia and other illnesses. I am hoping we shall bring more awareness and equality where women are concerned as unfortunately in this day and age we still hear stories about women being treated differently. So this is my way of showing appreciation to women of all ages shapes and sizes of how beautiful you really are.

Well there you have all the details you need to know do not forget that I will be there as part of the team and I will be taking you with me BTS for make sure to follow me on Instagram.

I am happy be part of this amazing project and despite being anxious about it because as you know I am very very insecure about my physic however I am hoping this experience and opportunity will mend a bit this.

Until next time,

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