New Jewellery shop on the Block | Carisma Collections | Spotlight Series #26

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If you might have missed my stories and posts – a few weeks ago I was invited to attend the launch of a new brand to hit the local market and I was super excited to see first hand the product that looked like a great product from what I saw online. Also was super happy with the choice of location ‘Hastings’ Gardens which is one of the most beautiful gardens in stunning Valletta that host views for days!

So in case you missed the launch here are some official shots from the night which was super fun and well organised.

In order to provide a little bit of insight about the brand, I schedule a meeting and caught up with the owners of Carisma in order to hear what they had to say about the brand by answering a few questions I had prepared for them.

In this instance I would would like to thank Carlos, Ismael and Martina for taking the time to answer my questions. So let’s get asking away.

1. So tell us more about Carisma?

Carisma was founded by three siblings: eldest Carlos, Ismael middle and youngest Martina. The brand was formed by unifying birthnames to create Car-Is-Ma representing family and cohesion. This can be defined as a strong bond in any family and the warm or strong emotional ties that exist among family members which contribute to our designs. The meaning of the word itself ‘Charisma’ also represents what we aspire to do, we create compelling, attractive collections that are heart-warming and familiar to inspire confidence in yourself. Our jewellery pieces are inspired by Maltese heritage and our brand reflects Diversity, Charisma & Self-Love.

2. Knowing about your family’s successful back group what brought about this shift into a different line of business?

We always wanted to try something different. Fashion and the Maltese heritage were always of interest for us. Therefore, combining both, Carisma was formed.

3. What was the initial push that started this new brand and what inspired the collections?

The push was that during the current pandemic, we took advantage of the situation with the time on our hands. Therefore, we started working on the brand as well as the designs and production. All collections are based off of Maltese heritage and Malta’s unique history. All products represent different and unique aspects of Malta’s history.

4. Where do your ideas evolve from?

Keeping in mind to what our brand represents, we try come up with ideas that make an individual feel confidence within themselves. Brainstorming sessions between the siblings are held to present different and unique ideas, making sure that our collections represent diversity, charisma and self-love.

5. How does a “typical” day at the Carisma head-office look like?

We start off our day by handing our packages to our courier for them to be delivered during the day. As the day goes by, we make sure that all client’s emails are answered and satisfied with the products delivered. Alongside this, a representative of ours is available 16hrs a day to answer client’s queries through our website live chat.

6. Would you ever consider to customize a piece of jewellery?

Currently, we are working on new collections with a similar twist to be launched in the coming months.

7. The most valuable lesson you have learned in this particular line of business?

There are various valuable lessons that we have learned throughout this experience. But one of the most important valuable lesson that we have learned is how important cohesion and dedication is to chase your dreams, no matter the obstacles.

8. Do you think the accessory business today is big?

We believe that the accessory line in fashion is very important nowadays as it is a way where individuals can express their creativity through their outfits.

9. If you had to choose which is your favourite collection so far?

All siblings have different favourites as all collections have different styles. Carlos’ favourite collection is the Maltese Lira collection, Ismael’s favourite collection is the Habbata collection whilst Martina’s is the Maltese Cross collection.

10. Where do you see Carisma in 10 years?

We are working on expanding our brand not into just jewellery but other apparel that make individuals feel confident within themselves. All items in mind will always be inspired by Maltese heritage whilst keeping in mind our brand representation; diversity, charisma and self-love.

11. Anyone famous you would love to wear your designs?

For us, the fact that Maltese individuals are wearing our statement pieces that show off our unique culture is enough. Obviously, having these pieces worn internationally would be a great way of how we can share and how off our unique aspects and culture.

Well I have to admit that I really like their work and it is good to see another perspective taken from our well-known heritage iconic pieces. Needless to say, there is a lot out there to choose from and that goes without saying, however, I do believe in the good old healthy competition. The general client is always inclined to purchase more if there is a wider choice from where one can affect their purchase! Competition is healthy as it makes each brand work that little bit harder to bring out a diversity of products to choose from.

Well done to the three siblings and wish them all great success ahead.

Until next time

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