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By now you have seen all the hints and the big revelation has also been made public to you all my lovelies, so what are we thinking here at Diva Inside what are our thoughts.

Like many of you I sometimes can be a sucker for reality TV shows right? We are are guilty to have sat down to watch an episode of The Bachelor  or Love Island and let truth be told in less than five minutes flat I find myself shouting at the screen “NOOO, NOT HER!” of course this is followed by me pointing out all the moments I thought were fabricated or totally misleading! And this goes for any other reality show out there like Big Brother, Love Island and many others

So what is different about this Reality show considering it’s Malta

I know for a fact that this new reality show has been very well thought and well planned by those involved, including the designer himself Gaetano, and the production team of MTLA Media. They have meticulously thought about the process and are on top of all things, including the photoshoots and the promos leading to the day of the auditions.

The purpose of the whole Reality show is to find a new Face for the Designers new Campaign and in the process, we will get to see new faces out there that are willing to be part of this challenge which will include much more than just photoshoots.

So in the spirit of this new real reality series let’s get some fact sorted to end the curiosity of many out there 🙂

1. How much of the show will be real – in the sense that the person has not been chosen yet?

You can rest assured that the show will be 100% real, if I just wanted to pick a winner I would do like before and choose a model or a singer to represent my brand.

2. Why make the Face of Gaetano Reality show?

It’s something I had in mind for these last 3 years to do a reality competition and now with the help of MTLATV Media House, it’s happening!! Also, I wanted to show that fashion is not just one-sided fashion but it is open for everyone / every talent / every genre.

3. How does one apply to be on the show?

There are no applications, auditions are open for everyone models/ singers/ actors/dancers/tall/short/plus size/skinny auditions will be held Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December and will take place at Hamrun local council. Timings and more information on auditions can be found on our official Facebook page Face of Gaetano.

4. When will this adventure start and how long will it last?

Auditions are in December then filming will start early January.

5. Will the process be all published?

Obviously, editing will be involved as each episode will be 30-45 minutes long and generally, you have a whole day of filming but we will try to squeeze in as much as possible.

6. What does the competition entail and what will the winner get?

The title Face of Gaetano will include a trophy, a year sponsorship from Haus of Gaetano representing my brand at fashion shows and events, photoshoots plus €500 cash prize.

7. How long is the process and when will the people out there know who is the winner?

It’s quite a process to film the episodes as the challenges are vast but it will premier around April / May 2021.

8. Will the candidates be judged by judges and will there be a voting process?

All contestants will be judged by judges as sometimes voting can be very tricky and unfair.

So there you have it – think you have what it takes then this is your chance to enter in this amazing new concept reality show that will be featured on YouTube here.

Interested in knowing more then here is what you need to know 🙂

Good luck to all entries 🙂

Until next time

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