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If you have been following me for a bit now you know that I have featured the initial stages of a new reality show produced and co-ordinated between Haus of Gaeatano and Mtlatv Media House for the search of the new Face of Gaetano – a process that started late last year. If you missed it – then stop from continuing reading this post, go check out the first post here – and then come back to read read on xoxo. Well yes the production and the whole process has been ongoing strong since mid-November. Of course any well respected reality show starts off with the auditions.

So now that the auditions have been done and dusted, and after the reveal of the face of said contestants last week, I had a chat with each and every one of the contentants and asked them a bit of information so you can get to know them ahead of the launch of the first episode of Face of Gaeatano that will air later on this year. Having said that please do make sure that you follow all the official social of FACE OF GAETANO because trust me you do not want to miss out on any new updates and of course YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT WHEN THE FIRST EPISODE AIRS ON YOUTUIBE 🙂



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So who is ready to get to know the contestants a little better – then keep on reading!

Name: Diana Cassar Bonnici
Age: 38
Profession: Beauty therapist , Nail tech and Makeup Artist

What inspired you to enter this contest?
I have been following Gaetano for a while now and always loved his style and the dresses that he creates with lace, sequins and that gothic look but I never had the chance to wear one of his dresses until this competition. For me Gaetano not only is a great designer but I admire him, as a down to earth person. I hope to win this contest to work with him and his team . It would certainly be another dream come true 🤞🤞🤞🤞

Is there something new you learnt about yourself?
Yes, each challange, I try to do my best to impress Gaetano and the Judges and I am learning that I am much more stronger as a person than I thought. I pay attention when the jugdes critisize something about me so I learn more and I am learning that I really need this ME time so that I can enjoy myself with friends 😄

How to you envision Face of Gaetano?
I envision a determined and strong person that can challenge himself/herself to always give more and work in a professional way with Gaetano. I think Gaetano is seeking a model with potential and strong character that can carry his dresses like a piece of art , and they certainly are . I can be that person and I will fight for to be next Face of Gaetano.

Name: Eithne Abela
Age: 58
Profession: Operator in a Health Care Company

What inspired you to enter this contest?
It inspired me as I love fashion, and I want to inspire more women over 50’s to take part in fashion shows and competitions.

Is there something new you learnt about yourself?
I took this chance as a challenge because the call was for all ages and sizes. I have won various titles before, and last one in 2020 as The Grandma of The Year, and this show will give me this opportunity to move further on.

This realiuty show gave me the opportunity to be myself, showing who I am and what a strong woman I am.

How to you envision Face of Gaetano?
Face of Gaetano gave me the opportunity to share how beautiful and elegant Gaetano’s collections are even on women over 50’s.

Name : Maria Christina Attard
Age: 18
Profession: I’m a model and a full time student.

What inspired you to enter this contest?
I have always loved modelling and the confidence it brings out in me, but the last few years I have laid back from it and but thankfully Geatano came up with this amazing opportunity and no one would have stopped me from entering it.

Is there something new you learnt about yourself?
I have learned that I need to be more creative and less shy to do things that maybe I won’t do in others competitions. This experience is really different then others so I have to show and do the best I can.

How to you envision Face of Gaetano?
I envision Face of Geatano to be the best experience I entered in as it has already thought me alot, and if I win the journey itdefinately won’t stop there ❤️

Name: Nadine Cuschieri
Age: 38
Profession: Art Psychotherapist

What inspired you to enter this new reality contest?
From a very young age, I always used fashion to identify and express myself. I look at the fashion as a choice, a lifestyle, freedom of expression. This reality contest came around when slowly slowly I had started getting back into the fashion and modelling industry. Over the past years, priorities of setting up a career and a family took over. I consider myself as a very competitive person. I was hesitant at first, a competition requires dedication, time and efforts but in the end, with the support of my family and close friends, I decided to give it a go.

A competition like this, is very rare to find locally, so I’m seeing it also as another way to challenge myself, grow as a person, strengthen my character and express my artistic views, I believe it is the right platform to showcase my skills which will eventually blossom into a once in a lifetime experience.

Is there something new you learnt about yourself since entering this competition?
One of the major things that this experience is giving me, is the increasing level of self-acceptance. Growing up, like many I had a variety of insecurities especially about my body, how I look, self doubt and second guessing myself. It has often stopped me from involving myself in activities or to put myself out there. Being part of this amazing production with Gaetano, the professional judges, the other contestants and the fact that I want to do well in this competition is encouraging me to bring out my maximum potential. Even through the constructive criticism that I am receiving, it is giving the fantastic opportunity to learn even more how to embrace myself with all my assets and imperfections and feel confident with who I am.

How do you envision Face of Gaetano?
Artistic and creative people are looking for a source of inspiration on a daily basis. I believe that the Face Of Gaetano should be versatile, inspiring, bold, daring, risk taker, a team player, able to reinvent themselves as they grow up as an individual within the industry and be inspirational to others.

Name: Rodianne Spiteri
Age: 33
Profession: Proud mother of 3

What inspired you this new reality show ?
Well…this is my first time joined something like this… It’s a another new adventure were fashion and photoshoots are involved… Fashion is my Passion, so when I saw Gaetano’s advert for FOG … I could not miss it!! Fashion and Photoshoots for me are perfect combination to offer my best to work with Haus Of Gaetano 💗

Is there something new you learnt about yourself since entering this competition?
Yes, I learnt to separate myself in two different ways of myself … Although I am a little bit shy, there’s another person in me which is strong, a warrior, potential and inspiration WOMAN… Soo always be Yourself!! My eyes have a story to say … and it maybe this can be the right move to empower more myself ❣️

How do you envision Face of Gaetano ?
Face of Gaetano as a reality contest, where you can find different people ready for challanges from episode to another then finally find the winner for FOG 😉 – Soo don’t miss it!

Name: Bernice Coulton
Age: 44
Profession: Research and Development for a Global Patient Safety at a Medicine and Medical devices company.

What inspired you enter this new reality contest?
As women we tend to think of our kids, partners, family and work first, by the time that the day is done we are exhausted and there is nothing left for us. This year I made a promise to myself to get out of my comfort zone and to do something for me. I have always been fascinated by the world of fashion and when I saw the advert for Face of Gaetano, I jumped at the chance.

Is there something new you learnt about yourself since entering this competition?
I have never participated in anything like this before so I really did not know what to expect. I have learnt that there is so much more to me that I have yet to discover. I am looking forward to what is to come.

How do you envision Face of Gaetano?
The Face of Gaetano is a person that encompasses the brand and helps bring Gaetano’s vision to life. Breaking all stereotypes and help empower women of all ages and sizes.

Name: Kurt Farrugia
Age: 23
Profession: Student at the University of Malta reading for a Bachelor in Communications (Hons)

What inspired you enter this new reality contest?
I am so passionate towards the modeling and fashion industry and I’ve been waiting for something like Face of Gaetano to come up. I want to send out a message to be your unique self and always challenge your inner self to be the best version of yourself. I want to set an example towards any individuals that it is okay to go out there and be who you want to be. Life is all about challenges and from those challenges we grow and be the individuals that we are meant to be.

Is there something new you learnt about yourself since entering this competition?
Something that really stood out about myself is never underestimate my capabilities, sometimes I tend not to believe in myself as much as I should. However I am really enjoying this journey and so looking forward to what the future holds.

How do you envision Face of Gaetano?
This is only just the beginning for Face of Gaetano. I truly believe that in the future Face of Gaetano will break more boundaries and it will be a huge success. Giving a platform to everyone is already a groundbreaking platform especially when you are in an industry which is pre dominant towards a particular sex. Let’s hope for the best and may the best contestant win 😍

Name: Carmen Abela
Age: 47
Profession: Clerk at Mount Carmel Hospital

What inspired you to enter this contest?
It has inspired me because it is something totally different from other competitions and reality shows and I like the artistic element in it.

Is there something new you learnt about yourself?
Definately yes! As a model it helped me be a bit more creatively and to accept constructive critisms and to learn different aspects in the various skills and challenges.

How to you envision Face of Gaetano?
I beleive that Face of Gaetano with this new adventure, the future will be of more inspirational and successful.

Name: Nicole Hammett
Age: 18
Profession: Student

What inspired you enter this new reality contest?
I like to experiment and try new things so when I saw the applications I decided to give it a go.

Is there something new you learnt about yourself since entering this competition?
I have learned that it’s ok to stumble and fall as long as you get up and keep trying.

How do you envision Face of Gaetano?
Someone who is willing to experiment and portray Gaetano’s visions.

Name: Alexia Muscat
Age: 24
Profession: Clerk

What inspired you enter this new reality contest?
It is a new experience which I wanted to try. I must say that Gaetano is well known for his impeccable talent. Haus of Gaetano represents elegance and exclusive designs. I was especially inspired by my mentor Joanne whom I look up to very much.

Is there something new you learnt about yourself since entering this competition?
Something new that I learnt about myself since entering this competition is that I’m enjoying working with a production crew because this is my first time taking part in a reality contest. I realised that I am capable enough to overcome the challenges.

How do you envision Face of Gaetano?
My envision for Face of Gaetano is to showcase the elegance and exclusiveness of Gaetano’s creations and to be able to carry the name as an aspiring model.

Name: Francesca Chetcuti
Age: 34
Profession: Customer Care

What inspired you enter this new reality contest?
It all begun two years ago when I was diagnosed with PTSD after enduring some stressful levels in my life. It was hard to endure however with help, perserverance and determination I found the will power to realise I had to do something to find myself once again. This is when the new reality contest opportunity came around and was the necessary tool I was looking for to be myself. The fact that I am not a model makes it more challenging for me to enter such contest, to present myself to the outer world, on social media and public exposure.

Is there something new you learnt about yourself since entering this competition?
First of all I must say thank you to my personal trainer Tara Abdilla who’s help was detrimental as well as the Face of Gaetano contest as it was the key factor in making me believe more in myself. As a matter of fact it is important to never stop believing in yourself and keep working and strive for more. The losses that you encounter in such a process are there to help you build a stronger you. Look at them as a positive way of making yourself better. The minute you put your mindset and start thinking positive, positive things will relay back to you. I am also a mother of a lovely son and being a mother does not stop you from working to achieve your dreams. The key to success lies in determination. Once you keep that key always handy, you can unlock many other opportunities.

How do you envision Face of Gaetano?
Someone who is dedicated and HAS a mental image of the direction that he/she WANTS to take these new opportunies as well as different adventures along with challenges. Someone who is creative, loves fashion and is well groomed. Challenges given will be a bigger obstacle then it actually is but when you overcome those challenge you will realise that challenges help the individual to have a wider spectrum.

So there you have them all of the eleven contestants taking part in this first edition of Face of Geatano.
IF YOU had to ASK ME what I think of them? well i would tell you THAT they They are all wonderful, beautiful, unique and in their own way inspiring .

I am very much looking forward to seeing this reality competition evolve to ultimately reveal the new Face of Geatano that will join in with the beautiful Claudia Faniello, the stunning Miriana Conte and the amazing Joanne Farrugia.

So what do you guys think? Dare to start guessing who the new Face of Gaetano will be? Then let’s start voting 🙂


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I beleive that there are more surprises to come in this competition and I cannot wait to tll you more about it. But you have stay tune and make sure you follow me on all of my socials too because you know I always have first hand information … so follow me on my Instagram here, Facebook here and of course my Blog here 🙂

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  1. Francesca Chetcuti is the perfect positive role model for any young women who have had mental health struggles. She has shown that with strength, determination and a strong positive mental attitude, you can achieve anything. She is a beautiful, caring strong woman who deserves everything she puts her mind to.

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