Last minute V-Day gift ideas

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Valentines is just round the corner and it is safe to say that like everything else this past year – it will look a little different!!! Love it or hate it, it’s still a thing and whether you are single, in a relationship or just chilling I think it is OK just to celebrate yourself, who you are with and it is absolutely FINE to just spend the day chilling. I am the last person to speak becasue I never was a fan! However I know that there are so many people that are negative about it, but with everything that has happened in the past year I think we could all do with a day just to appreciate the small things, or to treat yourself.

Whether that’s with some chocolate and a movie, or dressing up and having a stay-home date night. You could treat yourself to that loungewear set that you have been wanting for a while. Or buy your friends a little something to cheer them up. My point is you can celebrate it in which ever way you wish and I feel that we could all just do with that little EXTRA pick me up!

So if you are still in search of something cool and unique that comes from all our deserving local brands, I have put together a few of my favourite pciks that I personally like. This is not an #ad or my any mean an #affilation with any of these brands. I just know feel that if you can afford to buy something it is best to buy and support local business 🙂


Parascandalo joined forces with Themaltaflorist for this VALENTINE’S DAY and they went that extra mile. Add a single flower or a contemporary bouquet arrangement when purchasing your Parascandalo’s iconic KEMM INHOBBOK garments. Pretty sure your loved ones will be absolutely blown away and for that extra special moment do not forget that Parascandalo are now offereing that touch of individuality with personalization. For more info


If your better half loves a good treat then look no further than these delicious looking Häagen-Dazs DELIGHTS😋 box with four delicious recipes and explosive flavours🥳. Surely your Valentine will be sweet to as CHOCLATE is to me hehe!


You cannot go wrong with these if your partner is a fashion diva … these shoes are giving me Valentino vibes without going overoard and I have owned Dune shoes before and I can tell you that they are very very comfy. So you are good to go 🙂


When all things are not ticking your boxes then with a nice bottle of perfume you can never go wrong. Although I think it is a very personal gift surely you know you partner/s tastes so you can surely make the choice right!!! Plus at Frank you will be surely guided in the right direction!


Of course no gift goes alone so for that extra special touch of personalization it cannot get any better than a very creative and one of a kind card, so hurry, be original, be unique!


Quite possibly the coolest thing I have seen around in a while and I think it would make a great gift. Hurry you might be in luck as last I heart there were last few slots available for these!


Hands down they have the cutuest little gifts and low-key I wouldn’t mind getting a few bits for myself – you know in the spirit of #myownvalentine and I have personally used their service which is top-notch!


Quite possible the most functional and a longetivity gift you can get …. We all love a gift that takes us through the seasons right? And these Planners are all about that .. Love them 🙂


More on the originality and making it a day to remember after it is long gone. I recently came across this account and I love everything 🙂 Super cute pieces!


Love me a nice piece of jewellery and I love how innovative and creative they are at Wood and Tassel and I love their work plus they are good for everyone’s pockets. Check out their Valentine Collection 🙂


A brilliant combo for anyone who loves matchy accessories! New local artistan on the block and I am living for the aesthetic of these accessories.


I have yet to find a person that does not love stationery and at Maduma Malta there is a lot to choose from especiually from the new launched Valentine collection!


Nothing says I love you like Nutella! A gift suited for all the family one cannot do any wrong right? Even better when you can personalise the Nutella jar …. the cutest idea ever!

So there you go my love a quick guide into those last minute #giftideas just in case you are stuck.

Until next time,

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