Perimenopause Journey | Dealing with it and the facts I learned (Part 3)

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Here we are tackling more of what I am learning and dealing with as I grow older and move into a not-so-subtle phase in my life …. I have to say that with all that has happened in 2020 looking out for the signs was not an easy feat but as I will explain further in this post I am now joining all the dots and things are seemingly looking a bit clearer!

If you have been following me for a while you know that at 45 I suddenly began to admit to myself that I have gained 3kgs in a few months besides the previous weight gain! I was then struggling with everything, with problem-solving, started getting less and less sleep and in general, was more anxious and stressed than not. However, the thing that triggered an insane feeling of helplessness was when I actually noticed how much hair I had lost – OMG my hairline parting was like a 4-lane highway! My doctor said I was stressed! To add insult to injury my period started to become irregular as in timing-wise, I am still on my period monthly as I am writing this post, but my periods are coming earlier than their expected date every month, are surely getting heavier and some months the period lasts longer than my normal 3 days which has been all my life since I was 13.

Signs of Perimenopause: 10 Perimenopause Hallmarks to Be Aware Of

The next thing I wanted to tackle is a full blood test and a check-up! I was highly suggested to visit Dr. Simone Deguara and so I in and explaining all my symptoms and in general lay it all out, separation, stress, anxiety, weight gain, and hair loss. We did a full-on check-up and an ultrasound to make sure things look good and were pleased to learn that all looks good and normal! She gave me all the paperwork for the blood test and headed in for the appointment. I got the results a few weeks later and everything looked great, nothing to report! Whilst that made me really very happy it was also a realisation that all the signs my body was showing were signs to stop and start making amends!

Although I have to admit that I woke up one day a few weeks ago and I took the conscious decision that it is OK if I have gained weight! I am slightly more careful as to what I eat and I am drinking much more water than I used to. I am also going for power walks as much as I can and make each one count! I also stopped feeling sorry for myself and take control back of my life because my life moving forward is good. On the other hand, my hair still needs some TLC however it is much better than when I started a few weeks ago!

Although my peri-menopause journey seems to have been halted, by the fact that all the symptoms I was experiencing were associated with stress and anxiety, please if you are feeling something unusual my advice is don’t give up, it will get better. Seek help, keep talking to professionals until you get the right treatment plan.

Talk to ME or to any other woman that has gone through it for support.  Listen to your body and recognise the signs. Take time out for yourself and be kind to yourself it’s a difficult time in a woman’s life and not talked about enough and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Of course, for me this is still an ongoing experience and I am sure that there will come a time that I have to face other issues but I will cross that bridge when I get to it! No need in stressing even further at this stage!

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