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Finally we have the new Face of Gaetano!!!! And if anyone here still does not know what I am talking about, well, I stop right here and urge you to head on over here to Face of Gaetano YouTube channel and get comfy and watch the episodes, trust me you will love them!

In a episode just over 1 hour, the winner was revealed last Monday during the 11th and last instalment of the first season of FOG. After a little more than a six months, season one of Face of Geatano came to to an end with the crowning of Nadine Cushieri!

My readers here and those of you out there that were following this reality show have been glued for the last few months awaiting THE FINALE that was aired last Monday. I am pretty sure we were all supporting our fave from the Top 4 finalists, in the hopes that they win, but in the end Nadine snatched the coveted title!

It has been a roller coaster of laughs and emotions and I have to say that being part of it from the beginning, I was very much invested both emotionally and from the Blog perspective and I loved how much each contestant brought to the competion with their uniqueness but most of all I loved how serious they all took the challenges week after week.

I wanted to congratulate each contestant for the great work that they did. When you see the contestants putting in their all, week after week, to win the challenges, to finally get the coveted title, it also adds an emotional quotient to the show – which made it by far the best local reality show I have ever seen!

On a side note, however, the biggest congratulations goes to Geatano himself and of his production team Taz & Miriam Gardner from MTLATV Media House, I mean we all know that to pull through a show like this it takes a village, however, after seeing the brillaint production evolving week after week it was WOW! Not to mention that they are are relatively small production house but come one, they did an awesome job … I mean one stops and wonder about the true meaning of IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT. I know you might think that I am biased, but I will give dues where need and I will rightful dues to my cousins and Gaeatano for pulling off an astoundign show, through all the COVID restrictions problems, and give us a well thought, executed and professional production! BRAVO!

Ok, so now back to the winner of Season 1 of this new and innovtive reality show. The first of it’s like on the island and ultimately the winner is the new spokewoman for the brand Haus by Gaetano, hence becoming part of everything that the desiger Geatano has in store for her and us in the coming year and she also joins other faces that are associated with the brand like Claudia Faniello, Miriana Conte and Joanne Farrugia.

HUGE CONGRAULATIONS NADINE – you brought THE A-GAME to the table AND you kept pushing though!!!


Of course to keep in line with the theme of these posts, I managed to catch up with Geatano and Nadine in a very busy time for them (so thank you for allowing me this interview) and asked them some questions that popped in my mind (as always) and which I hope you will enjoy 🙂 First up is Gaetano 🙂

1. How did you originally come up with the idea?
It has been on my mind for quite a couple of years and with the pandemic and everything that happened it was a very good time to do it . Also I found a team that I can fully trust and that get my vision, Miriam and Taz helped make this come true!

2. We are very familiar with your work and public persona. Was the idea of the show an extension of who you are?
To an extent it is as I always tried to break the standard in the fashion industry.

3. One thing that I thought immediately when I started watching the show was that the whole process was well thought … Am I correct in saying this?
You have to be creative and as I said when you find a team that gets you, anything is possible!

4. Reality TV shows have obviously changed a lot in these past years. How was this show different from any we have seen locally and specifically from other fashion competitions?
Locally I do not think there is any competition like this. ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ where a big inspiration for me. However, I still wanted it to have a diffrent format.

5. What made you make the final decision to choose Nadine as the winner?
Nadine has murdered the competition! Her creativity, skills, runway and consistency was there from day one. She won 6 challanges out 10, that’s more than half of the challnges! She took the critiques without doubting them, her attitude was always right and as I liked to say on the runway challenges, which made a huge part of this competition “She pissed all over it!”

6. What is next for Nadine and Haus of Gaeatano?
Where shall I begin !!!! So so so much, Nadine’s potential is endless she can do so much more then what was shown in the competition – I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!!

1. First off big congratulations Nadine on winning season 1 of Face of Gaetano … How are you feeling?
I’m ecstatic!! It is such an amazing achievement! I feel so proud of myself for braving up to enter this competition, yet, I’m also grateful for Gaetano and the judges who have seen and believed in my potential.

2. Looking back, what would you say was the best and worst part about being on this show?
Winning has been the cherry on the cake of this amazing experience ❤. However, ‘this four-month journey’ proved to be full of lessons learned, and full of opportunities to put my stamina to the test. I have learned; to keep constant in the quality of work I exhibited, to face my fears, to be brave and face all the challenges and to give my all in each and every one of them even if it meant really going out of my comfort zone. It has been also amazing to get to know Gaetano and his team and now I have the honour to join them. There wasn’t really a worst part, but one of the most challenging aspects was time. Spending a good number of weekends filming, and tight deadlines to brainstorm ideas and prepare myself for the next set of challenges.

3. In your opinion which is the most important personality or talent?
Although having a talent makes it easier to absorb and apply your craft when required, the greatness of each talent is also proportional to the person’s investment in their craft. Nevertheless, having a pleasant personality, in my opinion, attracts others to interact and work with you… and isn’t fashion all about working with others to make them feel good about themselves? I believe personality gives character to a person, moreover our personalities evolve with every experience, In my opinion, a good personality, makes someone more attractive, than physical looks or abilities. It inspires trust, confidence, and goodwill from others working with you. Simply put, a good personality can take you places that talent on its own cannot achieve.

4. Best advice a judge told you that pushed you to do better?
It’s hard to pick one. I’m grateful that I received very positive feedback from the judges. Miriana, Clintess, Antonio and Claire Marie’s comments kept me working hard and pushing myself to give the best I could.

5. What advice would you give to someone thinking of auditioning for Season 2 of Face of Geatano?
The limitations are only those imposed by yourself… so don’t limit yourself. Keep an open mind during each stage of the competition. Establish a mindset that you are doing this for yourself, to have fun, and to work on yourself. The competition is only between you and yourself, challenging yourself to put further each time and say, ‘What if…’. This competition is the right place to boost your self- confidence, growth and an opportunity to make new friends.

6. What does this win mean to you?
Ask me this question again in a few weeks’ time … I’m still coming to terms with the recent win and its after effects. ‘Side effects may include, screaming with joy, hugging, and laughter’. Haha, joking aside, this win means more than I can comprehend right now. Believing in myself had always been a struggle, yet the repeated feeling within me saying ‘you have a lot to offer’ pushed me through tough times. I will treasure this win forever. I look forward to the year ahead and contribute to Gaetano’s brand.

Hmmm Gaetano’s and Nadine’s lips are quite sealed as to what there is in store for this beautiful Queen and his brand – I guess we will have to wait and see! As mentioned abouve, I have it on good authority that Season 2 of Face of Geatano is already brewing up and so anyone out here interested in taking part in this show and can change the way you look at yourself, well you know what you have to do …. Go on and like the FB page of Face of Geatano because you know all the latest news will be over there!

Once again well done to all involved in this project and congratulations Nadine xoxo

Until next time,

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