HOME & MORE EDITION | Joom Bargain Hunt #15 | My finds for €14 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Here we are after a few months with another Joom haul. I have only been gravitating towards Joom more than Ebay as I feel that the bargains are greater. For this time around the haul is mixed with a tad more of Home stuff which has been a staple for me! Haha!

So let’s get started with what I have picked up over this few months, so let’s get comfy 🙂

Sunglasses Eyewear UV400 (€3.80)

Picked up these sunnies a few months before summer because of course they are oversized and to top that they are matte. Material is plastic however they look feel sturdy. So over all great buy for the price!

1PC Non-woven Foldable Storage Bag Organizers Dust-proof for Clothes (€8 each)

Got these when I was packing away for the 5th time this year! Haha! The idea of the cool storage felt like material bags is to keep the in between season clothes hand gpt when the weather starts changing which is perfect and they fit perfectly underneath the bed 🙂

4PCS Non-slip Washing Machine Shock Pads/Anti-vibration (€1.91)

Funny story about these anti shock pads! My current washing machine in M’Scala makes all kind of noises and it even moves and shakes so in order to avoid the same situation with the new machine I got this only to be told that really and truly the machine has it’s own levelling screws, which are there to for you to adjust upon installing your washing machine! I will be holding onto these in the case that theere is a need in the future. One can never have enough gadgets in a house right!

2PCS Side Window Clear Rainproof Protective plastic (€1.90)

I have to say the most annoying thing when you are driving and it rains and you cannot see clearly from the side view mirrors and you have to pull down the window and white it down only to make an even bigger mess haha well that is not a problem anymore with these handy stickers 🙂 The do look promising but I will have to keep you posted on them as I still have to put them on and test them.

Chain Ring (€2)

Well been looking far and wide for this ring, wished it wa wider but hey for the price cannot expect more and I do like it. Good material I try to avoid water but sometimes I forget but so far it holding up in terms of colour and I had this for about a week now.

Stainless Steel Cuff (€2.83)

This is another piece that I have been looking for a while and when it popped in one of sponsored ads on IG well you know it was an inpulse purchase and can you blame me for the price! I can tell you I do not shower with it as I want to stay as rose gold as possible. It is made of good material which I liked and all gems came intact and all in place.

1Pc Adjustable Storage Rack (€13)

Now if there is one thing that I found a total waste is the space inside your kitchen cupboard so I decided to grab one of these storage rack to test it out and she how it works. I am pretty sure it will be just perfect to create more space, I just need to find the right length for my cupboards. If not we will work around it 🙂

4Pcs Chunky Bracelets (€3.78)

These are super super cute, I have to say I loved them! I wear three of them daily as you can see. The only one I do not wear is the cuff becase it is not a whole cuff but you have clip it in and if you do noy have someone to do it for you it is very difficult! however the other three are easier as they are more flexible. Out of the three the one that is not looking as bright and shiny as the other two is the curb look one. Just like the other ones I do not wash myself with them so it could be a reaction to the skin oils. All are made of good material and for the price I cannot complain.

So there you go my loves my latest bargain haul from my latest Joom purchases. I hope you liked the items I picked up this time around:) All links should be currently active but do let me know if any links do not work so you so I find you another one.

Of course you are always welcome to send me in your finds … would love to check them out 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Until next time,

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