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I have spoken about this a few months back, about how for women constantly juggling work along with everyday household errands, it gets quite difficult to find personal time to follow a somewhat exercise routine. It is at that moment that women, are bombarded by posts for rapid loss of weight which apparently have been exclusively designed for women!!

It’s easy to fall for things that claim to help you lose weight but unless you’ve done a thorough search on what suits you or tried it yourself, you’ll never know how their promises are. I personally never tried any weight loss products probably because I know, that most of them are good for a few weeks or otherwise, and if you are not willing to maintain their lifestyle you will be back to square one. You have put in the effort, as it doesn’t work like magic. I know some brands promise optimal results and it has to include eating a healthy and balanced diet and having an active lifestyle.

Through my own research and learning about my own body changes over the years, I have learned that that cortisol and adrenaline are the two maion hormones we secrete in excess when stressed, tired and rundown and are the biggest contributors to ageing and fluctuating scales, so one can safely say that without the necessary structure it is hard to lose weight.

There are products on the market that add to your already healthy lifestyle and on this matter a couple of months ago I was gifted a package that included the Supranova and 2 strips of the Volt and Zeto capsules that together are meant to work great if you have belly area problems. Said package is for a 10-day programme that includes a meal plan. As I mentioned package was gifted to me by my friend and local brand distributor Grazielle Camilleri Ahlgren and I thought to give it a go . So after I made my due diligence and checked up on what the internet had to say, I then went on to try the product and formed my own opinion about the product and put it all down on paper. So let’s delve into the brand first.

NB The package is meant to be taken together for a better outcome but as I had my reservations (as mentioned above) I tried the Supranova first and I am currently testing out the capsules of Volt and Zeto that will be featured in another post.

The brand

Since their birth in September 2018 TS-Life has helped to connect hundreds of thousands of customers to their Optimized product ranges. Producing transformational results through their extensive network of incredible Independent Distributors. The brand also operates in 6 global markets across Europe and America.

Supanova Liquid Fat Burner

Supanova is the flagship product of the brand that has of recent been added to TS-Life products. The formula of Supanova makes this an amazing addition to any everyday body programme.

  • Ginseng – Boosts energy levels and promotes relaxation.
  • Dandelion – Aids weight loss, clears the skin, nourishes the blood and reduces blood pressure.
  • Cassis / Blackcurrant Extract – Aids weight loss and provides nutritious support
  • Guarana – Double amount of caffeine than in average coffee seeds. Research shows significant weight loss if used for 45 days.
  • Green Tea – Aids weight loss and has powerful antioxidants.
  • Kola Extract – Boosts metabolism and aids digestion.

In the morning, take 30ml. Do not exceed the daily dose recommended. Drink a minimum of 1.5 – 2 liters of water to make the product flow across the system and achieve maximum benefit.

What does this liquid do?

Supanova is a unique liquid blend of herbs and natural ingredients and is great for fat burning, digestion, bloating and also help hair, skin and nails.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, the products does not sound bad, did not mind either the Blackcurrant flavour which reminded me of Ribena. I have to say that through the 10 days of using the product it helped me with my constipation problems as I found myself using the bathroom everyday and sometimes even twice which is a huge deal for me and I loved the flatter feeling all throughtout the 10days! Also not one to constantly look and my weight or measurements however in these 10 days I did lose 2 inches from my belly area and I have managed to maintain it so thumbs up for me 🙂

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  1. Paula Pawelec Avatar
    Paula Pawelec

    What about the preservatives in the product?

    1. To my knowledge, only Sodium benzoate is the preservative. Having said that this was a pr product review for a trial period of 10 days and I have saw a nice change.

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