2021 Local businesses Christmas Gift Guide | Christmas #wishlist Part 2

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As I have been saying over the past few weeks I have decided to create these Gift Guides featuring only local companies and small businesses. In lieu, of the times we are going through I think it is of the utmost importance to help and support local businesses in order to be able to help them come through these hard times a little bit better. It is surely a weird and difficult time for many. Money is not necessarily in plenty however if we intend to spend a certain amount of money why not use it locally. Behind every business, there is a family too so let’s empower and help each other.

So say hello to Diva Inside 2021 Christmas Gift Guide in hopes to simplify your Christmas shopping this year and making gift-giving more personal, thoughtful, and less stressful! Here you will find a carefully curated selection of gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Happy shopping, my lovelies! Always remember to support local businesses when you can.

jos the artisan

Well no stranger to me many this brand fabricates hair accessories and jewellery inspired by the journey of life!
All of their creations are handmade with love and passion. Needless to say, anything given from this brand will be loved by the receiver 🙂 I know I would!


I was suggested this local brand by a friend of mine and I have to say that I could leave their feed. I absolutely love everything that they make and again in my opinion anything hand made is always a good idea to give as a gift being it for a loved one, friend or Secret Santa 🙂 or why not even a gift for yourself!


I love this home decor store, not gonna lie I have purchased from them before and this year they came up with CHRISTMAS GIFT BOXES – which in my opinion is the perfect gift when you do not know exactly what to gift to someone! These can be customised in the gift box according to the items you like and your budget! Pretty awesome right

Framed Masterpiece Makers

This brand I came across this page when I was looking for something really cool and original for my mum and fell in love with their handmade shadow boxes. Needless to say sure to find the perfect personalised gift.

Nemnem candle

Oh my my when my friend suggested this local brand I was totally blown away … I mean how cool are these artisanal, decorative scented candles which are handmade. I mean WOW! Low key I WANT THEM ALL 🙂


Aaaahhh when I saw that Deco Manufacturing where doing ornament and other Christmas things I was obsessed. In fact, I got myself quite a few items from them for myself and for my Secret Santa hehe. I do highly recommend checking them out 🙂

So there you go my lovelies this rounds up Part 2 of the Diva Inside 2021 Christmas Gift Guide 🙂 I do hope that if you are stuck on some gifts this little gift guide can help you out.

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