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Please excuse me for taking so long I did not realise that it has been a VERY LONG TIME since

Over Door Hanger with 5 Hooks (Eur4.95 + tax including free shipping)

This is one handy item to always have around. It is currently in one of the boxes I have already back for the hopeful soon to be made move so as of yet I have no idea where I will use this but I will surely let you know once I settle down! I will let you know though that the material is impeccable.

hanger with 5 hooks

Multifunction Zakka Storage Box (Eur3 + tax including free shipping)

This is a cute little keep-all for small bits and pieces. Currently using it for my everyday jewellery however once I move to Fgura I have a feeling that I will use it for something else. Needles to say will keep you posted as well.

Smalla Storage Pouch

360° Rotating Hook Kitchen Supplies (Eur4 + tax including free shipping)

Aahhh this is so cute I love having my utensils hanging like this picture and I cannot wait to use it in the new kitchen. Everything for the new place, moving in cannot come soon enough!

Rotating Hook Kitchen Supplies

Remote Control Holder Storage Box (Eur4.95 + tax including free shipping)

If like me you dislike remote running all over the place this little gadget is just perfect to organise them all nice and dandy!

Remote Control Storage
Remote Control Storage

2 Meters Artificial Leaves Garland with LED Fairy Lights (Eur5.00 + tax including free shipping)

As of lately, I have been obsessing over cute little fall decor and the following three pieces will surely make the perfect fall decor to my aparment.

Artificial leaves with LED Lights
Artificial leaves with LED Lights

170cm Artificial Autumn Leaves Garland Home Decor (Eur9.00 + tax including free shipping)

Autumn Leaves Garland

Pumpkin Fall Artificial pieces Home Decor (Eur7.00 + tax including free shipping)

Pumpkin Mixed articial decor

Felt Caddy Foldable Organizer (Eur11.00 + tax including free shipping)

I have been eyeing this caddy for a while seeing how much Mrs. Hinch raves about it. It is just perfect to basically organise everything. I got it as my cleaning caddy but be careful it is very spacious and holds a lot of things so if you overstuff it with cleaning products well let’s just say it will be extremely heavy! But it is so cute and felt material is just amazing and the faux letter straps are quite sturdy!

Felt Caddy Organiser
Felt Caddy Organiser

Tree Branch LED Lights (Eur5.94 + tax including free shipping)

Another spur of the moment buy and I have this bad habit of not skimming through all the photos upload on Joom and I always assume that what is visualised on the picture will arrive but not always the case. In fact this is just one branch with led light which is nice I guess. I just have to remember to add more for a more like this picture effect hehe.

Tree Branch with LED Lights
Tree Branch with LED Lights

Braided Hanging Basket (Eur3.25 + tax & Shipping unless you spend more than Eur100)

Another purchase for the new apartment and first time from Shein Home decor section. I have in mind to buy some plant real or fake, I am still debating that and I have a particular area in my mind that I wish to hang these. Aaahhh I just wish I can show you but alas here we are still waiting!

Braided Crochet Hanging Basket

Letter Design Decorative Frame (Eur4.75 + tax & Shipping unless you spend more than Eur100)

Another item from Shein and I just love it, and you have the patience to search all through the unlimited number of pages you might also bag some good deal cheaper than Joom … now isn’t that just brilliant. And the letter frame is just so cute, I love it!

Letter Design Frame
Letter Design Frame

Artificial Leaf Vine (Eur5.25 + tax & Shipping unless you spend more than Eur100)

This I want to place it on my kitchen table and I am also planning to get a sack material runner to go underneath it which will make a nice decorative table especially when I have guests or so is the plan!

Artificial Leaf Vine

9 Grid Desktop Storage Box (Eur6.25 + tax & Shipping unless you spend more than Eur100)ore than Eur100)

This I have to admit I thought is was a bigger storage box as do not ask me why I can swear when I saw it I thought one the picture that sold me was one that had shoes in them and I did not even look at the price as I had other items in the package including clothes so when it arrived you can imagine my surprise but I found the perfect purpose for it 🙂 so al in all it was a good purchase!

So there you go these are my latest finds which for the most part I cannot wait to use and some I couldn’t wait to use, however needless to say I just want to move into my apartment to make it feel like home. So have you guys found some bargains … care to share them with me I love these hauls and I love seeing what you guys manage to find so let me know 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Until next time,

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