Book Review #2 | Daughter of the Sun and the Moon by Jo Ann Bugeja

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It has been yet another long wait to get through another book 😦 I wish I can be more consistent with my reading but each day I try to do better which is always a step forward. I was gifted this new poetry book written by Jo Ann Bugeja.  Following her last work, I reviewed here, which I highly suggest you check it out 🙂 however, this new book embodies epic fantasy, depicting fairytales, legends, and mythology.

The poems showcase various sides of Hope from human to ethereal and truth be told we all look around and idealize to have better in life and that includes being loved.

There are quite a few reasons that I enjoy reading Jo Ann book first because they are easy to understand and second they get straight to the point. I love it mainly because all throughout the book the most consistent word is Hope. Hope come from various experience, all experiences are valid and they can go from pain and heartaches, but despite it all that glimmer of hope keeps us pushing through.

I have the book was another well narrated of the author’s thoughts of epic love that might not have lasted however one that you can reminsce always. I felt that throughout the book there is a strong sense of the author’s is life which we call can relate to.

FINAL THOUGHTS I truly enjoyed being swept into a world of everlasting hope and truly we all should always hold on to that.

This book is available both as Paperback and ebook via amazon here.  I highly recommend getting it as you will truly enjoy it. 

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