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Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

I made it hehe, sorry for taking such a long time but between the moving into my new forever home it took longer than I expected but that is not really an excuse as we all know that things are never finished in a new home but hey I am enjoying the process and I am enjoying it 🙂

Bricks Pattern Wall Sticker (Eur 1.75 each sticker with free Shipping over Eur100)

Well this I have to say took me a while to decide which one I wanted to get as the choice was vast however taking into consideration where I wanted to apply it I narrowed down the choice to grayish tones and the final decision fell on this particular pattern. I have to say that they do come packed in separate plastic sealed packages with a foam roll inside. I have to say also that they also were stuffed badly in the box so the wallpaper was a little bent. I did complain with Shein and they refunded the cost of this item and I got to keep the wallpaper.

Burlap Ribbon Table Runner (Eur 4.25 each sticker with free Shipping over Eur100)

I loved this as soon as I spotted it on Shein and I have to say that it is as amazing as it looks. The material does not look cheap and I love it. I knew I wanted to dress up my dinner table and this runner fitted perfectly in my mind haha and what do you know when I placed it on the table wow the vibe turned up a notch.

Rotatable Kitchen Storage (Lazy Susan) (Eur 6.25 with free Shipping over Eur100)

I have been eying this lazy Susan for a while and when I was living in Marsascala the style of the cupboards there was very similar to the one I had installed in Fgura so I wanted to give it a test run and I love it, it’s so fancy and as I loved the grip base of it is perfect to hold on to things and not everything fly away when you try the lazy Susan 🙂

One piece Bead Decoration (Eur 4.25 with free Shipping over Eur100)

These are so pretty OMG and to think I was gonna buy the whole DIY kit before I saw these and I was like oh yea I need to add these to my cart and behold I did hehe. Now I am still debating where these are gonna go as I got two to match right so I am thinking that the winning place will be in my bedroom next to my new shades so will see I am still thinking and debating to date hehe. But I will surely keep you posted on my Insta.

1pair Plain Satin Pillowcase (Eur 7 with free Shipping over Eur100)

I picked up these from Shein because I was told that sleeping on satin pillowcases is better for your skin and mostly your hair so in my pursuit to better my hair performance I gave this a try and I have to say that it was a pleasant purchase because I am loving sleeping on these pillow cases. I cannot really vouch for my hair feeling and looking better but hey it is another step I took to take care of that problem.

One piece Figure Statue Ornament (Eur2 per piece with free Shipping over Eur100)

Haha this is so cute and such a funny story. Not so much funny as to say, I did not bother to check the size of the actual statute and I mean it is a miniature statue but nevertheless I placed it in a cute little place and it looks majestic (pun intended)

One piece Storage Box (Eur1 per piece with free Shipping over Eur100)

These little containers are sure, coming in very handy right now with my make-shift makeup drawer until I set up the future makeup/gaming room, Whilst most of my high-end never used makeup is still stored away in storage, container I have a lot of everyday makeup which is organised in my chest of drawers so until then these are helping in that area.

Three-speed 360 Rotating Faucet (Eur5 + SHIPPING)

Well amongst all these finds there has to be a fail as this came in and whilst all is good with it I bought it without really knowing how my sink tap will be and of course, it did not fit. I might get away with fixing it to my tap if I dismantle the end part of the tap but truth be told it is not something I want to do just right now.

Kitchen ROLL Holder (Eur4 + SHIPPING)

When I look up gadgets I always take into consideration space and I knew I did not have much surface space in my kitchen so I wanted to make sure to use every available space wisely including underneath the top cupboards. I love this and it just fits so nicely underneath the cupboard. Serves the purpose just fine and I am maximizing all my space.

Self-Adhesive Glue Door Seal Strip 35 Mm (Eur2 + SHIPPING)

Living in an apartment with its common area not completely done and, with apartments still being worked on this has to be the best thing I could get at it blocks the gap between the door and floor so at least you can avoid a lot of dust coming in and even unwanted visitors (hopefully!).

Pom Pom Decor Cushion Cover Without Filler

I have been eyeing these cute cushion covers for a while, I fell in love with the bohemian style and I thought that it would add some jazz to my monochromatic vibe in the apartment and I just love it again the light grey sofa.

So there you go these are my latest finds which for the most part I cannot wait to use and some I couldn’t wait to use, however needless to say I just want to move into my apartment to make it feel like home. So have you guys found some bargains … care to share them with me I love these hauls and I love seeing what you guys manage to find so let me know 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Until next time,

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