A little heart to heart #6 | Why I continue to Blog even though no one understands!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog! It’s a story-time ‘heart to heart’ post today.

If you might follow me in IG you should have come across a post or pic that reflects my #currentmood.  It’s been a serious of ups and down moments were on day I’m okish and the next it’s a K.O. day and it’s been like this for a good few months now!!!

To be all honest it has been a mixture of emotions and a whole lot of conflicting situations going through my mind.  Every time I sit down to break down all my emotions somehow my Blog always made it to the list.  I remember when I first started this blog journey, I was during my maternity leave and it was an it’s now or never kind of decisions – truth be told it had nothing to do with at the time boom in the blogging/social world, I just needed a means to express my thoughts on things I love like fashion, beauty, recipes and travelling and I had a pretty good feeling so I went for it.

I also clearly remember telling people and in return asking me but what is a blogger or what do you do not really do!! Not entirely sure if they understood me, I would say the reaction on their faces was oh another excuse for shopping. Whilst yes admittedly it does involve a certain amount of expenses and it does catapult you into a very very vast retail world, but in all honest I just wanted to share my thought to whoever liked to read what I had to say!  Call me crazy or weird but it felt nice to talk (write) and share with my followers.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t get a lot of encouragement and support in the beginning.  Sometimes your friends and family, the people you want most to be supportive of a new venture, aren’t as enthusiastic as you’d like them to be. They won’t understand and might even try to talk you out of it or convince you that it’s does not give you any income (at least for me – most of my posts are no paid posts).  It does take it’s toll and as much as you shove all the negativity at the back of your mind it can be deflating and saddening.  Imagine you’re so excited about this event you have been invited to or PR package you got and here they are, raining on your parade.

“How do I not let them get me down? Why cannot I defend something I really love?”

As I sat down to write this blog, I asked myself if there is anyone out there that that has been through the same situation probably I might be amazed by how much commonality there is among people’s situations and the reactions from their friends and family. Could it be that I am not the only who faces such negativity!  Regardless it still saddens me when your support system is so discouraging just because they do not get why you do something.

I guess these instances will always be a part of my life as long I keep on blogging, and while we can always tell ourselves “I don’t care what people think” the truth is we do care what our friends and family have to say because we value their opinions. If a stranger tells me the exact same thing, I brush it off.  But when friends and family do, I become discouraged that they don’t support my decision.  Surely all this negativity does make me question my decision to run a Blog and wonder if I am making a mistake.

However to sum it all up, I honestly think that there is nothing wrong with wanting to take an alternative path and venture into something that yes does not currently give you an income and it might take more time than you might think for this to happen but at the end of it when I hit the publish button I do feel accomplished.

If it boils down to it it – let them try to dissuade you. Let them call you crazy — but as Steve Jobs said, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Until next time,

2 responses to “A little heart to heart #6 | Why I continue to Blog even though no one understands!”

  1. I got the same reaction from people close to me when I told them I have started a blog. And when I tell them I’m more of a lifestyle blogger they ask “But what do you get out of this? You don’t get paid or sponsored for writing about health.” They don’t know the hundreds of people I am helping just by writing about my struggles, how I might make people smile with a funny and relatable post.

    I learnt to just ignore these types of comments and do what I feel is right and beneficial for me 🙂

    1. Thanks you sweetie – it is heart warming that people I met through my Blog are more supportive xoxo

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