Brand Spotlight Series #22 | Lussu Luxurious Accessories

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Today’s post calls upon all accessories fans – I am pretty sure you’ll be happy with this new post 🙂 So let’s get started!

A few weeks ago, I met up with the Owner and the person behind the new Lussu Luxurious Accessories online shop and ever since I meeting up with Jeanelle , I could not wait to share her products with you. If you are impatient go and check out her pages on Facebook and Instagram and then come back here (please) to get to know her bit more :).

We all love our jeweler right 🙂 I for one I am guilty as charged – I just love all type of accessories from earring to rings, from hair clips to hair bands, from necklaces to bracelets you name them I have tons. We also all agree that the perfect accessory can elevate any outfit from perfect to amazing! On the other hand I am also always on the lookout of those items that are different than usual and I do enjoy looking up at shops on Facebook and here in enters Lussu Luxurious Accessories.

I was really to have been contacted by Jeanelle to feature her products on my blog, so when we met I had like a million and one question which don’t worry don’t worry I narrowed down to the ones that I know you would surely like to read so…. enjoy 🙂

1. How did Lussu Luxurious Accessories come about?

It all started around Mid June. I always was amazed by weddings and after I got married I brought up this interest in hair accessories. After that I thought of something more casual and elegant therefore there comes the jewellery.

2. Tell us more about how you choose the pieces?

Basically I see what is in trend at the moment and what people are looking for. I also follow some famous international bloggers to see what is in trend at the moment. All the accessories are one offs so no one will be the same.

3. What would be your favourite type of accessory?

Definitely Earrings. They compliment any type of hairstyle and make the look seem whole.

4. How do you define luxury?

Luxury- when a product seems high in standard. But our motto is-it is not about the price it is all about the quality. All our products are of high quality but prices are affordable for everyone.

5. Are you a realist or fantasist?

I am a fantasist, as I always dream for more.

6. How big is the accessory business today?

Surprisingly it is a large business nowadays. Clients always want to have something new for when they have an occasion, being from hair accessories to earrings.

7. What’s next for Lussu Luxurious Accessories?

Hopefully we will increase our product range of casual and elegant jewellery and hair accessories. New Stock always coming in.

I am totally in love with Lussu’s products and you heard it here first make sure to check out the above pages like and follow both platforms from the brand as they are always bringing in new stuff. I got my eyes on a few items and I have plans to go and check them out so make sure to follow me of IG to know what I chose 🙂

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