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I have to the past 3 weeks been sharing all the shops and brands that had to adapt to the new laws and regulations implemented by the Local Government, Health Authorities and Health Superintendent Prof. Charmaine Gauci to minimize as much as possible the spread of COVID-19.

Seeing as not everyone who reads my post or sees my posts on Facebook is on Instagram I was given the idea to share these brands and shops in a blog post (thank you to fellow Blogger Fiona from Cruelty Free Malta) and so, since I loved the idea here is the list, it will be categorised by what the sell 🙂


For Her Fgura

Affordable clothing, shoes and more kindly get in touch on their Facebook page here or Instagram here. Payment is done via BOV mobile pay and delivery is contact-less. Order is done via private message or direct message.

The Dressing Room

Another local company available on Facebook and Instagram. Payment is done via Revolut and delivery is also contact-less. Order is done via private message or direct message

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Local street style designer has been long available online, and website is super easy to use. Check it out here. Sales are now up to 60% 🙂


Much sought after brand for evening wear and casual wear, Nilara website is running with warehouse sale prices with prices starting at Eur10 on the summer collection. Evening wear at Eur70 – perfect time to invest on some never out of style pieces. Check it out here.

Saz Mifsud

Local designer renowned for hand-crafted scarves, clutch bags and headbands is also available for online purchases. Check out the website here or get in touch via email, Facebook or Instagram.

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Gabrielle Fenech

Another local designers with a flair for eccentric pieces has also been available online. Check it out here.

Brands for Less

Quite a new company for the island with a lot of known brands available at very good discounted prices. Website has also a good variety of curveilicious pieces too. Check out the website here.

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With most of the brands available on the new Hudson brands you can now shop online here and free delivery is available on any purchases over Eur25.


Another popular brand on the island for clothes and various accessories has now updated their website to be able to cater to everyone needs in these days. Check out the new updated website here.


Beauty Cosmos Fgura

This company is the local distributor for the following brands :
Golden Rose Cosmetics; Coverderm/Ahacid; iKoo – Hair Products; Forrest & Love Aroma Cushions; and Fe Beauty Tools they are now offering online purchase from their website here.

Wycon Cosmetics Malta

Popular and affordable Italian brand available in Malta are also now offering orders online via their Facebook page here. No minimum order require for the deliveries. Just send them a message with your required items and they will get in touch you for payment and delivery.

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Melita Health & Beauty

With an erray or brand and products available at Melita Health and Beauty their ordering system is an easy one. Effect your order via Messenger, pay via Revolut and expect to have to order delivery same day or the following. Easy right 🙂

No photo description available.

For you the cruelty free brands and babes our there my friend Fiona just launched this website to help brands that do not have an online platform presence to add their products to her website. I totally applaud Fiona for this great initiate to help business struggling to reach their clients. See all the brands available here and if you are a interested in showcasing your products do get in touch with Fiona. Also, for this month all commission will be used to buy cruelty-free pet food for animals in sanctuaries … Just brilliant!!!

Body Shop Malta

They have heard you call and they are now offering you the delivery right at your doorstep. Send in you order over to and let the magic happen 🙂



All your favourite Inglot product now available online. Check their website here and happy shopping from home!

No photo description available.

Lucy Makeup up Store

The online shop of the shop now offers real nice pampering packages that will surely go down a treat in these stay home days. No harm in making them fabulous right? Check them out here.

SV Beauty

Another company that shifted their work online is SV Beauty a company popular for the following brands. Check the website here for further information.

Oil & More

Oil &More specialises in traditional delicatessen and chocolate. We are very proud of our genuine home- made products and strive to produce food items that are made from local and seasonal ingredients. Check them out on Facebook here.

No photo description available.

Franks Malta

A name that needs no introduction, their website is well organised to make sure your preferred item is easy to find. Make sure to check out their website here.

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Brand new company fairly new to the island is now also available online and offering a treat to all their clients. Get your lounge-wear right with brands like Fila, Adidas, Reebok and more here.

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Yana’s Jewellery

Another household name and needs no introduction and now fully on line with various styles already available here. However, should you need personal customization feel free to get in touch to Yana’s Facebook page here and Instagram account here or by sending her an email on

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Ear Candy by Zaiga

Just recently found out about this local entrepreneur and I am totally in love with her dainty and cute ear-candy! Contactless transaction via BOV Pay and Revolut, contact Zaiga on her Facebook here or Instagram here.

No photo description available.

Wood & Tassel

handmade jewellery at affordable prices look no further than Wood & Tassel. Check out there Facebook page here for further information.

No photo description available.


No need to introduction and Mvintage is quite a popular brand. They currently have a 15% off everything via Coupon Code: STAYSAFE. Discover the possibilities online here.

Food & Restaurants

Mgarr Farms

Fresh Fruits and vegetables available at your door with a vast variety of pieces and boxes. Free delivery is offered when spending Eur20. Check out the vast selection here. Tried and tested 🙂

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Valle (Poultry)

If you want good and local chicken no not look further than Valle. Amazing and very good products. Also tried and tested. Get in touch with them on the Facebook page here. Free delivery with Eur25.

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La Cuccagna

This restaurant is offering mouth-watering and hearty home-cooked food right at your door step. Cannot really get better than this 🙂 Contact them via the Facebook page here.

Cafe Cordina

For the pleasure of many alike Cafe’ Cordina also adjusted to the current COVID-19 situation and have come up with their delivery menu which is worth checking out. Contact them via Facebook here.

Chateau Buskett

Another restaurant cooking delicious Maltese food from Buskett right to your home. Check out the menu on their website here and get ordering some delicious food that maybe you would not normally order.

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FNG Supplies

Another great supplier for fresh fruit and vegetables. Also tried and tested and prices are very very good. Get in touch with them via Facebook here or Instagram here.

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Beverages & Spirits

Farsons Direct

Order all your favourite soft drinks and spirits either delivered or picked up when order is ready. Checkout their Facebook page here for all the latest updates.

No photo description available.

Master Cellars

Another place offering deliveries and discount on their product including free delivery on Eur30 order. Check out their website here for all their wine lists and gourmet food.

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Healthy Options

The Health Store

Supplier of natural and organic products this company has available so familiar brand and have quite a variety too. Check out their website here for ordering your products.

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Holland & Barrett

Currently offering the clientele the delivery option on orders over Eur50 but also self pick-up option your favourite H&B products are also available in these circumstances. Also the company will be launching their own online shop soon. So follow their Facebook for more updates.

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Pharmaceutical needs

Melita Health & Beauty

Like Beauty Melita Health & Beauty is fully stocked up and offering delivery all over Malta within 1 day. Payment is done via Revolut and everything is done contactless.

Baby needs

Nursery Direct

For all those expecting parents who did not manage to get everything is time Nursery Direct can help you our. Get in touch with them through their Facebook page here or by phone hereunder.

No photo description available.

Call Zone

Or all your phone or tablets needs, Call Zone is making free deliveries on all orders.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Looking for a mobile phone or tablet? WE DELIVER! Free Delivery on All Orders 2166 0026 / 21667295 CALl ZONE'

Price Right Paola

Right in the middle of Paola, Price Right Paola has all your cleaning needs in one place and very good prices. Also supplies food and water. Free delivery is available with a purchase of Eur30. Check out all their products on Facebook here.

Image may contain: outdoor, possible text that says 'PRICERIHT CERIGHT The best detergent and grocery shop in Paola Best price Best service Fast delivery service 27457901 79702296'
Fitness lessons

FNG Fitness

Offering online classes to mum with the possibility of incorporating your kiddos this is a great way to start something you wanted to do at the comfort of your home. Get in touch with Denise on her Facebook page here or Instagram page here for schedules and prices.

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Miss Ellen’s (treats of all kind)

If you don’t know of about Miss Ellen’s Treats Van then you are missing out. Now available online it is the perfect time for some sweet treats 🙂 Check out their website here and have some treats.

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Chantelle Butters (Personalised cards)

Another small business and one that is super pretty. Hand Made cards by Chantelle Butters are just the perfect idea for that special person or Mother’s Day etc. Get it in touch with her via her Instagram page here and get creative and original.

TheMaltaFlorist (Flower bouquets, etc)

For a pick me in an instant you can never go wrong with a lovely bouquet of locally grown flowers than look no further than The Malta Florist. Check them out and get in touch through their Facebook page here and Instagram page here. Contacless payment and delivery.

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Kikkra Malta (various local brands)

As I have mentioned in a previous post here, Kikkra was launched in order to offer a platform to various local brands and also contacless deliveries. Checkout all the brands under one platform here.

Partytime Malta

Anything for in-house party right at your door step. No needs to fuss, get in touch with Partytime Malta on there Facebook page here to ask for further information.

No photo description available.

That is all I have shared the past few weeks. I try and post on a daily basis since more and more companies and brands are now selling online with delivery service. I urge you to shop local if possible as the more we help them now the more they can get back on their feet when the whole COVID-19 pandemic phases out.

Let me know if there are other brands that are now available online that you know of 🙂

Take care & Stay Safe

Until next time,


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