Losing your personal style & confidence post pandemic

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I am writing this a few days after the Government in Malta announced the new timeline of dates that will see us slowly but surely start regaining our pre-covid lives again. But what about our wardrobe and our style that have been somewhat neglected over the past year and a half. Lockdown has pushed everyone into a sense of comfort over style, joggers over jeans and walking boots over knee high boots!.

So how you do we fall back in love our style again?

A lot of my friends have said to me that they haven’t brought a lot (besides comfy clothes ofc) during lockdown as they haven’t seen the point of it. Now that we are on the verge of getting back on the dating game 🙂 or merely to go out again and start to get our social lives back, suddenly getting into that comfy co-ord doesn’t seem so appealing right!! But some of those pieces that we have been neglecting might have emotional pre-covid less weight ties to them that we perhaps need to re-establish to get us to start thinking about wearing those pieces again! I know I do!

So here I compiled a small list in four easy steps, that I think can help me and you both fall back in love with your ‘going-out’ clothes!



For weeks we have been gravitating towards the same combinations of leggings / joggers / tracksuits / sweaters / hoodies but now is the time to step away from this comfort zone and push yourself back into the groove of your pre-covid style. Try challenging yourself to wear a certain item like a skirt, a pair of jeans or even a shirt that you haven’t worn for ages and see how it makes you feel. Think about the styling it a bit differently than you did before to give you a sense of new. Slowly but surely you and your confidence will start to come back to life.


Hello jeans, hello blazers, hello nice tops that I have been ignoring for months. Open your wardrobe and start to remind yourself of what you have inside. Now is a great time to reassess and detox your wardrobe. Perhaps you have some pieces don’t speak to you, some items might not feel good anymore – it’s time to clear those. But you might find a favourite top that you completely forgot about and get excited about wearing again. Clearing your wardrobe might give you a chance to see cleared and put ‘NEW’ outfits together better.


I know I get you it is a hedache! But now is best tome to have a big try on, what fits, what doesn’t, what do you like, what don’t you like anymore? And make some piles and try to figure out why your clothes are going into the piles you have created. This will give you a clear picture of what you have, what you like and what you are missing to make your wardrobe work better for you post-lockdown.

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You will probably remember wearing jeans and a nice top, or jeans and a jumper or a skirt and t-shirt with trainers, before we went into lockdown. Now with what you have left mix it up a bit, try some new styling ideas by mixing some items together that you have never worn before. The key tip is to make sure to focus on the unexpected part as much as possible. Pair special occasion skirts with trainers or boyfriend jeans with a sequin top just to name a few key pieces. Some of this will work for your taste and some might not, but the important thing is that when you’re doing this exercise, you’ll be opening your mind to out-of-box ideas you might not have felt comfortable considering before.

Trust me, everyone has days when they seem to hate every item of clothing they own — days when nothing seems to work quite right. But sometimes making your wardrobe work is as simple as forcing yourself out of your comfort zone and spending time looking at what you currently already own. Even if it’s not the easiest task it will change your perspective on your clothes and style in the coming weeks.

I know already that some need more help than other with this as it can seem overwhelming and that is why I am here to help if you cannot do it on your own. Please get in touch with any questions you might have.

Until next time

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